The editorial staff of the PCR-RCP website has retracted a section from its description of May Day in Toronto. This section characterized the March as being disorganized during its period at Nathan Philips Square and blamed the organizers of the march for this. Neither criticism is shared by local PCR-RCP militants. Even if it were, this update would not have been the appropriate place to voice such a criticism. We regret any ill feeling among organizers of the May Day march which this may have caused, as this was not our intention.

Letting this error go into publication here was

(May 14, 2015) Today, between 100-150 protesters took the streets of Ottawa to protest the National March for Life, a march of thousands of people led by reactionary misogynists calling for the criminalization of abortion. Initiated by the Proletarian Feminist Front, organizations of anti-capitalist feminists from Ottawa, Hull, and Montreal rallied to put an end to this patriarchal parade. The counter protest was led by women and gender-oppressed people; despite some men activists attempting to take control over chants or the route, they were quickly shut down.

Before the march even began, Ottawa Police were videotaping protester’s faces, prompting many


Long Live Proletarian Internationalism! Yawolna Yaifare!

On April 15, supporters of the PCR-RCP Canada attended the “Modi Go Back!” demo called by the International Campaign Against War on the People of India – Toronto to oppose the visit of the fascist Prime Minister of India in Canada. Protesters took the opportunity to express their support to the national liberation struggle waged by the Maoist Communist Party Manipur in the Northeast of India. At this occasion, our comrades from the MCP Manipur issued this communiqué to reaffirm their solidarity with Canadian Maoists. Long live proletarian internationalism! Free Manipur!

April 13, 2015

To the Central Committee
PCR/RCP Canada

This May 14 join us in counter-protesting the National March for Life in Ottawa! They claim to march “for life” while actually marching for a misogynist, transmisogynist, and cissexist revoking of bodily autonomy through opposing abortion. These reactionary people, through the Catholic school boards, are allowed free-reign to indoctrinate students with misogynist, transmisogynist, and cissexist ideology.


Minto Park (Elgin St and Gilmour St)
Rally at 12:30pm
Counter March starts at 1:30pm
Ends at Dundonald Park (Somerset St W and Lyon St)

This year again, the Revolutionary Communist Party called for the formation of “colourful red contingents” for International Workers Day. In a statement titled “The World Needs Socialism! Socialism Requires Revolution! The Revolution Needs Us!”, the PCR-RCP called for waving “the proletarian flag that symbolizes our strength, our courage, and the victories that soon will be ours.”

Here are the reports we got from comrades:


Some 2,000 people took part in the union demo downtown Hull, making it probably the largest demo ever held here. All the main unions were there, except those from the federal public service who went


Imperialism continues crossing a deep economic crisis and unloading it on the proletarians and peoples of the world. They speak about recovery, but the only thing that recovers is the rush to profits, wealth and arms.

For the proletarians, poor peasants and other people’s masses in every country of the world, instead, we see unemployment, labor laws increasing precariousness, exploitation and slavery, misery, plunder of raw materials and energy resources, devastation of environment and territories.

Youth without work are now the majority, in spite of their educational and

Partisan №59

The World Needs Socialism! Socialism Requires Revolution!
The Revolution Needs Us!

–Version française ici.
–Versión en español aquí.

This year, International Workers’ Day will take place in a context of crisis where we are facing attacks on all fronts. Across the country, the governments that are run by and for the rich are escalating their attacks against the proletarian and popular masses. This results in cuts in public services, increases of all kind of fees, restrictions in EI and welfare, and systematic pressures on our wages, pensions and working conditions.

In their insatiable quest to maximize profits, the capitalists and their state crush everything that stands in their

Partisan №59

Modi Go Back!

Although representatives of the Canadian state like to condemn “Islamo-fascism” whenever it is convenient (as with the recent hoopla over the Charlie Hebdo shootings), the truth is that it really has no problem with real world fascism if and when it is aligned with the imperialist camp. A perfect example of this is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official visit to Canada on April 15-16, as the last stop in three state visit (the first and second being to France and Germany, respectively), where the Conservative regime, along with the Liberals and “social democrat” NDP, will be in attendance to

Partisan №59

Rank-and-File Push Struggle Forward Despite Binding Arbitration

On Thursday, March 26, as rank-and-file members pushed through last minute preparations for an historic 10km CUPE 3902/3903 joint march from York University to the University of Toronto, CUPE 3902 voted in favour of binding arbitration and an immediate end to the strike. The 3902 Bargaining Team recommended binding arbitration to the membership after yet another rejected offer and a desperate plea from the Employer to get back to work in time for finals and end-of-term marking. CUPE 3902 & 3903 represent contract academic staff from Toronto’s two main universities, including teaching assistants, contract faculty, graduate assistants and research assistants.

Activists from the Revolutionary Student Movement (MER-RSM) are at the heart of the battles that are happening these days on various campuses across the country.

On March 24, following a call from the RSM, actions took place in some 15 cities and 7 provinces. The #redspring2015 Day of Action happened at the same time that thousands of Québec students were entering into a massive struggle against the austerity measures imposed by the bourgeois state.

In Montréal, more than 10,000 people took part in the first of a series of “night demonstrations,” the event being called by the RSM. In Québec