Today, the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) begins its twelfth year of existence with the launching of a broad political offensive against the Canadian imperialist bourgeoisie. We are setting forth on a 15-month campaign which will notably aim to organize a vast and robust group of workers and proletarians for May Day 2019, when we will call for a demonstration of a new breadth in downtown Montreal, to be joined by combative actions elsewhere in Canada, marking the centennial of the Winnipeg General Strike in red ink. With this initiative, we will allow the revolt of the popular masses to grow

Montréal demonstration on Thursday, March 8 at 6:30pm
Gathering at Square Cabot (corner Atwater & Sainte-Catherine)

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Too few people are aware that March 8 was born out of the revolutionary fervor of communist women, who in 1910, meeting for the 2nd Socialist International, decided to add a day to the calendar celebrating the courage of proletarians in constant struggle against their capitalist exploiters. Women such as Clara Zetkin and Alexandra Kollontai wanted the proletariat to pay a yearly tribute to its feminine component; they wanted the bourgeoisie to tremble yearly, faced with the tenacity of working women

Sunday, January 28th at 7pm (doors open at 6:30)
At Maison Norman Bethune

9697, boul. Saint-Laurent (3rd Floor)

–Facebook event.

Sunday, January 28th will mark the 11th anniversary of the founding of the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP). On this occasion, the Party will organise an evening of celebration at the Maison Norman Bethune in Montreal. The event will allow for presenting the content of the 10th edition of the theoretical magazine Arsenal. The evening will as well constitute the launch of a broad political initiative entitled “Let us fight for socialism and our demands”, a 15-month campaign

Dear comrades of the Maoist Communist Party:

It is with great emotion that we learned of the death of your comrade—we should say our comrade—Pierre, after a tragic accident.

Comrade Pierre embodies Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the struggle to defend, develop and apply it in order to advance the world revolution. The pain of his loss, of which you eloquently testify, is deeply felt by all those who are fighting for socialism and communism, be it in Quebec, in Canada and all over the world. His immense contribution of a whole life serving the revolution will not have been in vain: it

This past November 7th, heeding to the call of the Revolutionary Communist Party, a strong contingent of partisans of socialism took to the streets and marched through downtown Montreal to mark the centennial of the Great October Revolution of 1917. This demonstration was the peak moment of weeks of intense mobilization, organization, agitation and propaganda that contributed to the politicization of a great number of proletarians in multiple cities in Quebec.

Written upon one of the two giant banners that made up the head of the contingent was to be found a single word in big characters, “SOCIALISM”. One word,

This past March 21st, the opportunist clique—sitting on the Central Committee of an organization which falsely claims to be the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP)—published the document “On the RPFF and the Oppression of Women” (in its English version only) on its website (, a document that had been prepared by the activists of the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Front (RPFF) and by women members of the RCP in the Quebec District. The same day, the opportunist clique also published the documents “Break with Old Ideas” and “Statement of support for the Central Committee”.

The publicization of the first document, “On the

We are publishing three documents (see the Annexes following this introduction) that circulated within the ranks of the RCP last year and that served as fodder for a campaign aimed at tarnishing the reputation of the Montreal section − the Party’s historical center and its most populous and active cell in Canada −, a campaign put together by the right-opportunist clique in control of the Central Committee before the recent split, and who is now behind the website

These documents were prepared by the three protagonists who were resolutely ejected from the Maison Norman Bethune this past March

Other documents

To dispel the fog maintained by the opportunists

In order to allow concerned activists and organizations to better understand the nature of the divergences that have resulted in a split within the PCR-RCP Canada over the past few months, the Political Information Bureau has decided to make public the Political Report that was submitted last fall at the most recent Party Congress. The publication of this report follows the issuance of a new document from the Québec District of the PCR-RCP (available here) that offers a more comprehensive overview of this line struggle, which has not failed to attract the attention of the enemies of the revolution while

This year, communists and the exploited masses the world over are celebrating the centennial of the Bolshevik revolution, which became the first proletarian revolution in history to defeat the bourgeoisie throughout an entire country, and the first to allow for the establishment of a socialist State. This event represented a point of historical rupture: It changed the balance of power between ruling and downtrodden classes on a global scale, generated a remarkable upturn all through the international revolutionary movement and inspired, for decades to come, the exploited proletariat and oppressed peoples struggling for liberation in every corner of the globe.

This document is devoted to the episode of crisis that affected the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) towards the end of last winter. It is a follow-up on the first statement published on our website (, in which the Quebec District reinstated the four members expelled by the Party’s Central Committee and called for the defence of the integrity of the RCP and its program. We intend herewith to shed light on all of the disagreements between us and the opportunists that led to this expulsion, but most of all, to take all of the dispositions necessary for ensuring the continuity