As communists in Canada, one of our most important tasks over the next few years, will be to restore the necessary consistency—forging the essential unity that should exist between revolutionary content and revolutionary activity—between affirmation and action, between saying and doing, which are too often dissociated. Such a lack of consistency is most evident in the question of armed struggle and revolutionary war.

The most pernicious result of the long reformist tradition in the international labor movement is that it has managed to dissolve this unity, even among those who pretend to criticize and struggle against reformism and revisionism. The

Once again choosing to seize the time, the Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) held the 3rd Conference of Revolutionary Youth and Students on March 1-2. Hosted this time in Montréal, the Conference brought together communist and revolutionary organizers from Québec, British Columbia and Ontario.

In a day-long plenary session characterized by thoughtful analysis of the conditions facing proletarian students in their struggle to overcome capitalism, attendees came together as comrades to develop a plan to truly found the Revolutionary Student Movement as a pan-Canadian organization capable of mounting a serious challenge to the bourgeoisie and its state. Assigning responsibility for the

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Upcoming Toronto Elections

Repetition as farce?

Olivia Chow & Rob Ford

The announcement that Olivia Chow will run against Rob Ford in the upcoming Toronto municipal election reconfirms the spectacle of the electoral system. The recent scandals experienced by the Ford administration are such that, in the minds of those outside of “the Ford Nation,” Chow will serve as the magical pill to cure Toronto’s illness. This illness is seen as corruption––Ford’s improper use of municipal money, the revelation of his crack abuse, the rumours of illegal electoral behaviour––and the cure is the return to honest and sober governance.

Years ago, David Miller ran for Toronto mayor on the platform of

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Towards the 3rd Canadian Revolutionary Congress

The Struggle for National Liberation of Indigenous Peoples is Central to the Revolution

The liberation struggle of indigenous peoples is at the heart of the fight against capitalism and the imperialist bourgeoisie in Canada. For any organization or activist who wants to end capitalism, this question should be central in the theory and practice of class struggle.

Canada was founded on oppression, theft and the genocide of indigenous peoples. This phenomenon played a fundamental role in the process of the accumulation of capital and the development of a Euro-Canadian imperialist bourgeoisie. Indigenous nations must be seen as “internal colonies” in the sense that they serve the same role for the Canadian bourgeoisie that

On March 9 in Saint-Jérôme, north of Montréal, the leader of the Parti Québécois, Pauline Marois, introduced her new recruit: media mogul Pierre Karl Péladeau (aka “PKP”). This announcement aroused enthusiastic reactions from individuals associated with the PQ separatist project such as Gilles Duceppe, Bernard Landry and Jacques Parizeau. To the surprise of many, Péladeau’s candidacy was also acclaimed by long-time leaders of the labor movement, such as Gérald Larose, Marc Laviolette and Claudette Carbonneau.

For someone known as one of the big bosses in Québec, this pathetic rallying in the name of “Québec independence” reveals once again that the

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Urgent need for money to cover legal fees for Tyendinaga Warriors

Support the Tyendinaga Arrestees!

The Partisan supports this call and invites its readers to donate:

On March 8, following a week of action demanding a national inquiry into at least 825 missing and murdered indigenous women across Canada, warriors from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory blocked the CN mainline. This action, which fell on International Women’s Day, came the day after the release of a Parliamentary report which attempted to dismiss and deny the crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women, preventing any meaningful response or action. This is a continuation of colonization and its inherent violence against Indigenous communities, particularly Indigenous women.

During the rail

The end of February marked the 10th anniversary of the coup that ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, with the help of the Canadian government, from power in Haiti. On this occasion, the Haiti Action Network and other groups, including the PCR-RCP in Québec City, organized a speaking tour of lawyer Mario Joseph, an activist for social justice involved in Port-au-Prince with the “Bureau des Avocats Internationaux.” As part of a tour that took him to Québec and Ontario to educate Canadians about the actions of their imperialist government, Mario Joseph presented a horrific record of the behavior of the agents of

The Political Information Bureau is happy to share this paper issued by the comrades from the Revolutionary Student Movement (MER-RSM) in response to the Main Political Report submitted by the central leadership of the Young Communist League in preparation for their 26th Central Convention. This contribution from the MER-RSM deals with fundamental questions that the communist students are facing in their attempts to build and organize a genuine revolutionary current among the students and proletarian youth. The Main Political Report to which this paper is a reply can be found here.

- The Political Information Bureau

First and foremost, the

This communique was issued by the newly-created branch of the Revolutionary Student Movement in Vancouver. Congratulations to the revolutionary students for their success in organizing a militant and revolutionary current among the student movement across the country!

- The Political Information Bureau

The Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) is a new attempt to build a Canada-wide revolutionary, combative, militant, and anti-capitalist student movement that organises students in the interests of the broader working class. We aim to be anti-reformist, independent of the bourgeois state, and internationalist in our politics. We struggle for a broad-based education system that is scientific in nature

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Third Canadian Revolutionary Congress in Vancouver:

A Call for Revolutionary Unity

This text is a first call for the third Canadian Revolutionary Congress to be held in Vancouver in the Spring of 2014.

This is a call for revolution and a call to organize; a call to break with the scattering and relativism that undermines the struggles against the exploiters and for the unification of the revolutionary forces and the exploited masses in a new class struggle. Finally, this is a call for the unification of the struggle for socialism and with the just struggles of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis across the country.

In the current national and international