Dear comrades,

Receive our solidarity greetings on the occasion of the holding of the Second International Conference of Solidarity with the People’s War in India! Circumstances beyond our control prevent us from being physically present with you, but we celebrate with you the 10th anniversary of the glorious Communist Party of India (Maoist) as we reaffirm our support to the International Committee to Support the People’s War in India and its objectives.

We are confident that this meeting will mark a step forward in the vital solidarity work that revolutionary communists, anti-imperialists and progressives of all countries should develop with

The next edition of the Partisan newspaper (No. 56) will be issued on October 10th. Drop a note at to order your copies!

WHEN: Every Monday at 6pm, starting on September 22, 2014

WHERE: Overgrad Cafe, Ross Building South @ York University

Join the Revolutionary Student Movement at York University for a weekly discussion group where we talk about the struggles of proletarian students in Canada, class struggle, imperialism, settler colonialism and the need to organize youth and students towards the revolution!

For the first session, we will be reading out-loud and discussing the “What is Canada?” primer from the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada. The document can be found here:

But we’ll have copies for everyone during the discussion group.



Weekly Discussion Group at the University of Toronto!

Join the members of the Revolutionary Student Movement at the University of Toronto for a weekly communist discussion group!

WHEN: Every Wednesday, starting September 24, 2014

WHERE: Robarts Library, Study Room 1

This is a call to all comrades in the Montréal’s greater area!

A first meeting is called for Saturday, September 20th, 1:30 PM, at the Maison Norman Bethune, 1918 Frontenac St. (Frontenac metro station).

All new folks are welcomed, don’t be shy to join the team! You can contact us directly for any questions.

Proposed agenda:

1. Presentation of the MER-RSM; principles and experiences
2. Proposal for the establishment of an Organizing Committee of the MER-RSM Montreal; perspectives and national presence
3. Presentation and current situation
4. Calendar
5. Contacts and next meetings

Partisan №55
The execution of Michael Brown started a prairie fire

One, Two, Many Fergusons

The execution of Michael Brown in early August in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, which sparked a month-long rebellion, again proves that the US remains a white racist state. An 18 year-old New Afrikan, Michael Brown was shot multiple times by a Ferguson cop before being executed with a shot to the head. In response the predominantly black Ferguson community, policed by predominantly white cops, rebelled. All of the contradictions of US racism were again laid bare as the state rushed in to violently contain the revolt.

People were beaten, dogs were unleashed, tear gas and rubber bullets were

Partisan №55

A Matter of Class

A major confrontation is underway in Québec where the Liberal government intends to pass a legislation attacking the pensions of city workers. Filed a few weeks ago, Bill 3 echoes the demands of municipal governments—mainly the mayors of Montréal and Québec City—who want to decrease their contribution to the funding of pension plans and increase the contribution paid by employees. The bill will also cut the indexation of pensions currently being paid to retirees.

Since the government’s intention was revealed, a coalition representing some 65,000 white-collar and blue-collar workers, firefighters, professional staff, public transport workers, as well as municipal cops,

The ongoing efforts of so-called “men’s rights activists” to use Canadian campuses as organizing grounds for their shamelessly reactionary and misogynist crusade against feminism were frustrated once again when a “men’s issues awareness” event scheduled to be held at the University of Toronto was disrupted. The event was hosted by the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), which operates as part of the community of anti-feminists who refer to themselves as “men’s rights activists” (MRAs).

With views characterized by their flagship online publication A Voice for Men—which describes feminism as “an ideology of hatred and violence,” and its advocates as

Partisan №55
Book Review

Turning Money Into Rebellion

Turning Money Into Rebellion, a book edited by Gabriel Kuhn and published by Kersplebedeb and PM Press, is a gripping snap-shot into a unique period of anti-imperialist struggle in the 1960s-1980s. At some places it reads as a political thriller; it’s engaging from the first page to the last. Focused on the so-called “Blekingegade Group,” a small band of undercover revolutionaries in Denmark who committed a large number of robberies so as to funnel money to armed anti-imperialist movements in the third world, the book is significant in that it examines the ways in which committed revolutionaries in that

Partisan №55
People’s Social Forum

“Harper Out!”… But for What?

More than five thousand social and union activists took part in the People’s Social Forum (PSF) held on August 21-24 in Ottawa. Organized according to the World Social Forum’s principles, the event featured some 500 workshops on a myriad of topics, making the event a veritable smorgasbord where attendees were invited to pick among a wide variety of dishes, many of which were re-heated.

When they decided to organize the event, the convenors chose to name it the People’s Social Forum, instead of the Canadian Social Forum, in consideration for the multinational character of the people living on