The PCR-RCP Will Campaign for Boycott

In a totally cynical manner, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced this morning the official opening of the circus that will unfold across the country up to October 19, the date set for holding the federal election. The gangters in power in Ottawa will once again try to convince us that by filing a paper in the ballot box, we will “decide” the future of Canada. They hope this will give an appearance of legitimacy to a fundamentally illegitimate system—a system and a state they manage for the only benefit of the wealthy few. Rather than construct illusory strategies to revamp

Sunday, July 26
197 Wurtemberg Street

A Call from the Proletarian-Revolutionary Action-Committee Ottawa.

In Northern Kurdistan, 30 of our comrades—socialists, communists, anarchists and Kurdish freedom fighters—fell in an Islamic State bombing. These militants coming from various organizations involved in revolutionary struggle in Turkey were meeting in the city of Suruç to plan the reconstruction of Kobanê, where Kurdish resistance won an important battle for a free and socialist Rojava. The bombing was committed with the complicity of the Turkish state, which has been providing support to the Islamic state in order to crush the Kurdish people’s liberation struggle

October 31-November 1, Ottawa!

Fifth Congress of the Revolutionary Student Movement

Update!!! The RSM Coordinating Committee has made the decision to postpone the upcoming Congress to the weekend of October 31-November 1. This will give everyone–the Coordinating Committee, the sections, groups outside of the RSM, etc.–more time to prepare in order to ensure that the Congress is a success. See you in October!

The Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) is pleased to announce that we will be holding our Fifth Pan-Canadian Congress in Ottawa on October 31-November 1! The RSM is the Canada-wide organization of revolutionary and anti-capitalist youth and students. We first came together as a collection of small groups from

“There are two principles for the united front: the first is to unite, and the second is to criticize, educate and transform. In the united front, capitulationism is wrong, and so is sectarianism with its exclusiveness and contempt for others. Our task is to unite with all intellectuals [and] artists… to help them, convert them and transform them. In order to transform them, we must first unite with them.”

Mao Zedong, The United Front in Cultural Work

We are proud to present the first issue of the new Red Flag magazine, the first result of the PCR-RCP’s efforts to reinitiate

A few months before the October 19 federal election, the emergence of a second “Orange Wave” in conservative Alberta has revived the hopes of those who want to get rid of the Harper government. The same phenomenon occurred two years ago when Justin Trudeau became the leader of the Liberal Party. For many, the Harper government represents a break with Canada’s mythic past: “peace-keeping,” “tolerance,” “compassion” and all those sorts of things that are supposedly part of its reputation.

The recent adoption of the Anti-Terrorist Act 2015 (Bill C-51)—which grants special powers to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) agents,

Red Flag №3
Neo-Liberalism Under the Guise of Identity Politics

How Pan-Am Has Infiltrated the University of Toronto Campus

The Pan Am Games, being the latest weapon of the ruling class in their war against the poor, have sought alliances and support bases amongst broad sections of the middle-class and other privileged strata. It is thus unsurprising that the Pan Am Games have made concerted (and in many ways, successful) efforts at extending their grasp over various post-secondary institutions in Toronto. Not only are the games being held on campuses, but there has been a large amount of student programming used to glorify the games.

In this article, I will examine the efforts of the Pan Am Games to

The following is a transcript and addendum from the March 27 10 kilometre march in Toronto, “March to Unite the Fight”, organized by the Joint Strike Committee of the Canadian Union of Public Employees [CUPE] locals 3902 and 3903 as part of their simultaneous strikes. The Joint Strike Committee partially came about due to the intervention of some members of Toronto’s Revolutionary Student Movement and Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee who were workers, students, or both at these universities. The idea, which other militant members of these locals appreciated and thus helped build the Joint Strike Committee, was to draw attention

This cartoon was published in September 1990 in Socialisme Maintenant! newspaper. The then national leader of the Parti Québécois, Jacques Parizeau was the first political figure to demand the interventon of the Canadian Army to crush the Mohawks.

On July 11, 1990, the SQ troops stormed the pine forest next to the Mohawk traditional cemetery in Kanehsatake, near Montréal, to dislodge the Mohawk people who had been opposing, for months, a project of expansion of a golf club run by a shady entrepreneur with the support of the mayor of the neighbouring city of Oka. The assault of the provincial police ended with the death of a SQ officer—neither the police nor external investigators succeeded in identifying the murder weapon. This was the beginning of a colonial siege which lasted two and half months.

The then Liberal government

If the dominant ideas of a society are the ideas of the ruling class, even among the masses who have completely different class positions and class perspectives, how can communists organize the masses into a class for themselves, according to their own ideas and toward their own interests? How can we maintain a level of unity with each other which is necessarily very deep—and always deepening—while we win over people with whom we may only be able to unite on a much more immediate and limited level? Conversely, how can we make our campaigns, activities, and slogans relevant to

A Short History of US Imperialism in Korea

Always ready to encourage serial killings in a new imperialist intervention, the bourgeois press agitates on a regular basis for a new war against North Korea. The popular portrayal of North Korea is a country whose people (who should be freed by Western imperialists) are enslaved and starved by an unpredictable and paranoid leader (that we should eliminate) who is allegedly preparing the first global atomic war. This discourse of an imminent threat would justify “our troops” going there to provoke a “regime change” no matter what it will cost in terms