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As people around the world are gearing up their excitement for the World Cup Final on Sunday, Brazilians—known usually to be the most excited of all about soccer—are not so cheery this time, as their country has been devastated by corruption, egregious government spending, forced evictions, and brutal crackdowns on those who dare to protest. As Brazilians have taken it to the streets, with slogans like “World Cup for whom?”, “Fifa go home”, and “Na Copa vai ter luta”, we must stand in solidarity with them and take it to the streets

This statement from the PCR-RCP Canada was circulated at a rally against Bill C-24 (the so-called “Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act”) on Saturday, July 5th in Surrey, BC. The rally was organized by Radical Desi and by People’s Voice—the newspaper of the revisionist Communist Party of Canada—and supported by No One is Illegal-Vancouver, among others.

- The Political Information Bureau

One hundred years ago, the Komagata Maru steamship arrived in Vancouver, with 376 passengers who were fleeing India. There were already over 2,000 Indians living in Canada, primarily Punjabis, who faced blatant discrimination. Due to racist government policies to keep

The imposed neoliberal austerity measures, a by-product of the capitalist system courtesy of the Troika—the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Union (EU) and the European Central Bank (ECB)—especially the German bourgeoisie and its barbaric capitalists under chancellor Angela Merkel, are the ideological means by which social welfare benefits and public assets—the necessities of life—are wholly and forcibly eroded, privatized (in the case of people’s commons, water, etc.), seized, or sold off. The fallout of these devastating measures has affected the overwhelming majority of impoverished Greece like a bubonic plague, the lives of the Greek people having become the sacrificial lambs

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Iraq: A Tangled Web Of Conflicts

The Political Information Bureau congratulates the editors of the People’s March magazine for the re-launching of their publication as an on-line journal. The first edition of this new series (Vol. 13, No. 1, dated June 2014) can be downloaded here. For years, People’s March has been published in India as a revolutionary magazine. As explained in the editorial of the current issue:

“Under severe attack from the Indian state, including ban, arrest, and even murder of its editorial contributors, the People’s March was forced to suspend publication for the past few years. But the voice of revolution cannot, must not,

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Resistance in Québec City: an art!

The seventh edition of the “Manif d’Art” exhibit (“Art Demo”) was held from May 3 to June 1 in Québec City. Under the theme of “Resistance,” this biennial exhibit presented various works whose common purpose was to question the current system and even propose a new society—communism.

At the exhibit’s central venue, the works of Claire Fontaine critically examined capitalism. The words “CAPITALISM KILLS LOVE”, written in neon like a giant billboard, greeted the visitors at the entrance. Also written in neon, the word “STRIKE” would appear when visitors stopped moving at the same time, suggesting that a joint effort

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Bring Back Djaber!

Despite Public Safety Canada’s failure to prove that he engaged in or instigated “the subversion by force of any government” or terrorism, Iranian activist Djaber Kalibi was given a deportation order by the Immigration and Refugee Board. Kalibi complied and left the country on June 26 to return to France (where he possesses citizenship), leaving his two stepdaughters in Montréal where they are pursuing their studies.

Kalibi is a communist of Iranian origin who has lived in Canada for nine years before being deported. In July 2013, while returning from a trip to France, the authorities confiscated Kalibi’s passport and

In Ottawa at the end of May, a politically charged art installation by Rehab Nazzal caused a significant amount of controversy. Entitled Invisible and exhibited in a gallery space connected to Ottawa’s city hall, Nazzal’s installation focused on images of Palestinian political prisoners and martyrs—“traces,” in the words of the artist, of the Palestinian experience of oppression under the settler-state of Israel. Due to the installation’s presence in a site of local state power, the Israeli ambassador immediately demanded that the city of Ottawa censor the exhibit on the grounds that it celebrated terrorism. All of the typical reactionary lobby

Currently and until mid-July, millions of people are watching the World Cup games in Brazil. In one of the most enthusiastic countries for soccer, there have been multiple protests, riots and strikes against the FIFA tournament.

FIFA is officially non-profit, but is generally understood to be a great machine of corruption that wastes public funds and gluts corporate partners, similar to how the IOC functions for the Olympics (which will also be held in Brazil in 2016). Various levels of government have spent around 15 billion dollars to build huge stadiums according to FIFA standards, but many of them will

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“No Matter Who Wins, the Working Class Loses”

On the Ontario Elections Boycott Campaign

The idea of boycotting the state is slowly becoming more popular, as demonstrated by the recent Ontario Provincial Elections. While there was some difficulty in the past in breaking from bourgeois legality—and those who argued for an organized electoral boycott so as to make an existing implicit boycott explicit were treated as heretics by those who were enamoured by “democracy”—these elections witnessed the participation of multiple groups throughout Ontario in a single boycott campaign: Sudbury, Kitchener-Waterloo, Peterborough, Guelph, Ottawa, London, Thunder Bay, Toronto. The Sudbury branch of the campaign even succeeded in gaining recognition from the mainstream media, its members