In November 2006, close to 100 activists coming from different parts of the country gathered in Montréal, Québec for the 1st Canadian Revolutionary Congress (CRC), where they enthusiastically supported the creation of a Revolutionary Communist Party. This led a few weeks later to the official founding of the RCP (Canada).

The RCP is now proud to announce the holding of the 2nd Canadian Revolutionary Congress that will happen in October 2010 in Toronto. This will be a unique opportunity for proletarian revolutionaries from across the country, and especially from Ontario, to gather and discuss about the current prospects for revolution, the strategy we must follow in order to prepare for it and the need for a strong proletarian vanguard party apt to lead the revolutionary movement.

This paper aims to arouse the interest of as many people as possible for the CRC. Interested people should get and circulate copies of The Red Flag and get in touch as soon as possible with the RCP at

Documents and other material will be made available on the RCP website (, where its Programme is already posted.

This is a Call to form local committees or study groups, to organize workshops and help prepare for the CRC. Spread the word and make sure it will be a milestone for the revolutionary movement in Canada!

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