Red Flag №2

After the G20 Summit, let’s fight the whole bourgeois system!

On June 26, 2010 all we heard in the media about the G20 Summit was the breakage that happened at the big demonstration in Toronto. Mayor David Miller denounced the “criminal acts that could only have been committed by people coming from the outside.” As for Chief of police Bill Blair, he announced the beginning of the hunt for “criminal elements,” which continues until now. Even the so-called socialist Jack Layton from the NDP made a quick statement condemning the “acts committed by demonstrators” who were targeting the symbols of the big bourgeoisie like banks and multinationals buildings.

But one day later, the mood suddenly changed: the incredible scale of police repression gave a different outlook on the previous days’ events. What stood out suddenly was how the police forces were uncontrolled: we saw police brutality, arbitrary arrests and the rule of bourgeois law being ignored, despite what the defenders of capitalism like to claim.

Two months later, what remains in people’s minds are video images of broken windows, police cars on fire, protesters being clubbed and trampled by the police; the image of a State and of a ruling class out of control, unable to face demonstrators ready for action. This shows how great was the defeat of the Canadian bourgeoisie during “The Battle of Toronto.”

Thousands of people were mobilized and took the streets the week before the Summit took place. They raised a series of issues, which in the end were all related: the world capitalist system is a danger to the future of humanity. Controlled by a bunch of rich countries—ruled themselves by a small class of parasitic exploiters—this system is less and less bearable for the millions of workers, the poor and the oppressed who suffer all of its bad consequences. It is time to put an end to this system and to take another direction!

The decisions being made by the leaders hiding behind big security barriers and which we heard very little about, confirmed all the fears of the Summit opponents. The heads of the world’s 20 richest countries, who pretend to speak on behalf of the whole world population, all backed Premier Stephen Harper. This was however, his only victory: after 18 months of crisis, the capitalists foresee a recovery of their profit systems; now that they have sucked public resources to avoid bankruptcy, the workers and the oppressed peoples will pay the bill. No more hazy projects of implementing a “new world order” that would be less unfair; no more talk about extension of “democracy.” What is top on the agenda is the fight to balance public finances. And for this to happen, we will have to be the ones to pay the price yet again, proletarians, workers, farmers.

The organizations including the Revolutionary Communist Party and several networks that called for a “confrontational convergence” with the aim of getting off the fence, have expressed the best of many people’s aspirations: to stop the steam roller of capitalism. We must stand behind and defend those, whether they were organized or not, who acted on that day to break the daily humming of the system.

Some people—including a lot of commentators who were not even there—were very quick to denounce the “rioters.” All sorts of unfounded conspiracy theories appeared. Some stated that the whole confrontation was a provocation organized by police forces that deliberately abandoned the downtown area to the rioters. Others said the notorious Black Block was in fact composed of policemen… because they wore black shoes just like the police! Yet others said police cars had been deliberately left untended to incite the demonstrators to set fire to them… How could this be possible when we saw at least one officer sitting in one of those cars, at the risk of being killed there?

These hypotheses are all fantasies. They come from people who are so alienated by the dominant ideology that they consider the capitalists to be invulnerable. For them there is no way people can rise up by themselves and get organized. According to those theorists, the police forces had to justify the huge security investments that had been made for the Summit. In fact, what would have comforted the bourgeois State would have been a clean and harmless demonstration, certainly not successful direct actions. If nothing had happened, the Harper government could have boasted that it was the massive spending and the huge deployment of police forces that allowed a peaceful week-end to unfold in the respect of law and order.

The fact of the matter is that the capitalists felt under attack in the streets of Toronto. And they are right: they were attacked! This explains why the bourgeoisie and its watchdogs reacted so strongly and why we saw the varnish of democracy cracking. We were able to see the real interests behind the arsenal being deployed both by the police and the judicial systems.

The Battle of Toronto is one battle, no more no less. It has shown in a sharp way the more global struggle opposing the exploiters and the exploited. This is why we must stand up for this fight and for all who took part in it—as well as those who have been accused of it in Toronto. Not only should we stand up for it: we should be inspired by it. We should be inspired and denounce bourgeois power louder and stronger. Moreover, we should get better organized.

This experience is a milestone in the history of the Canadian proletariat, in the sense that we can better see and understand the struggle we must wage against the bourgeoisie. We need to take a step forward if we want to free ourselves from capitalist exploitation, which has reached a height of brutality. This is exactly what we will discuss at the ( 2nd Canadian Revolutionary Congress to be organized by the RCP next December in Toronto.

We invite you to be there and to join the fight to make the revolution a reality… so that one day the G20 will be remembered as an old institution from the old world!

The Red Flag
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