The crisis of the imperialist system goes on with its impact on the proletarians and the masses throughout the world. The imperialist bourgeoisies in the world take advantage of the crisis to restructure the capitalist system at the world scale, to “improve” it in their interest and for their profits. For the proletarians and oppressed people, it means hunger and poverty, increasing unemployment and cost of living, sackings, closing factories, precariousness.

The capitalist crisis also feeds the inter-imperialist contradictions for the control on the world market and on the strategic geo-political regions. This raises and pushes the factors of Inter-imperialist and reactionary wars in the world. For the people of the world, this means imperialist wars of aggression, invasions, neo-colonialism; for the proletarians, police State, repression, racist laws, oppression of youth and women.

The current crisis is not only a financial one: it is the whole bourgeois system, with its Parliament, its so-called “justice” system, its corrupted bourgeois politicians, etc., that is sinking. The bourgeoisie has less capacity to hide the true nature of its State and the imposed character of its institutions. The need for a revolutionary change has never been so obvious.

In Canada, there are almost 20 millions of us with nothing more to hope for than have our labour exploited and the best of our lives given to the capitalists and their corporations. The hundred of thousands of immigrants who have come to live here are overexploited, underpaid and disrespected. In a country where bourgeois wealth accumulates while poverty grows, thousands of refugees remain without status and facing deportation. Over one million Aboriginal peoples spread over the whole territory have been scorned for centuries, their rights as peoples denied in a country that boast about being one of the most “advanced” in the world. Revolution is the hope of the millions of hopeless people who live in this country. It is up to each of us to help unleash the power of the working class, the strength lying with all the oppressed and exploited of the world, including in Canada.

* * *

In November 2006, close to 100 activists coming from different parts of the country gathered in Montréal, Québec for the 1st Canadian Revolutionary Congress, where they enthusiastically supported the creation of a Revolutionary Communist Party. This led a few weeks later to the official founding of the RCP (Canada).

The RCP is now announcing the holding of the 2nd Canadian Revolutionary Congress that will happen on Saturday, December 11, 2010 in Toronto. This will be a unique opportunity for proletarian revolutionaries from the whole country to gather and discuss about the current prospects for revolution, the strategy we must follow in order to prepare for it and the need for a strong proletarian vanguard party capable of leading the revolutionary struggle.

Interested people should get and circulate copies of this Call and get in touch as soon as possible with the organizers at

Documents and other material will be made available on the RCP website, where its Programme is already posted.

This is a Call to form local committees or study groups, to organize workshops and help prepare for the CRC. Spread the word and make sure it will be a milestone for the revolutionary movement in Canada!

Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP)
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