Red Flag Express №28

From the Workers and Proletarian Uprising to the Proletarian Revolution!

The crisis of the imperialist system goes on with its impact on the proletarians and the masses throughout the world. The imperialist bourgeoisies in the world take advantage of the crisis to restructure the capitalist system on a world scale, to “improve” it in their interest and for their profits.

For the oppressed people, it means hunger and poverty; for the proletarians in the imperialist countries, it means increasing unemployment and cost of living, sackings, closing factories, precariousness.

This also feeds the inter-imperialist contradictions for the control on the world market and on the strategic geo-political regions. This raises and pushes the factors of the inter-imperialist and reactionary wars in the world.

For the people in the world, this means imperialist wars of aggression, invasions, neo-colonialism; for the proletarians, police State, modern fascism, racist laws, oppression of youth and women.

The working class and oppressed people need more and more revolutionary organizations to advance and strengthen themselves and a revolutionary strategy to overthrow the bourgeoisie (and all ruling classes) and seize the power.

Until the proletarian and oppressed will be in power, it is an illusion to think that their destiny can get better!

The workers’ struggles and more generally the struggles of the people – against all aspects of imperialist ‘globalization’ as the privatization of education, for the regularization of migrants, against police repression, etc. – develop in opposition to this system that does not give to the majority of the people any perspective but exploitation, oppression and poverty. In France as well as in other countries, we could see several resolute struggles. In these workers’ struggles, the base (affiliated to union or not) is opposed to the official unions’ chiefs, who are reformist and conciliatory.

These struggles must be coordinated, generalized and raised in the framework of a revolutionary perspective of overthrowing the reactionary governments and bourgeois States for the proletarian seizure of power.

This will not occur spontaneously. We must build in all countries the revolutionary tools, the new party of the working class, the Communist Party of a new type, the Maoist Communist Party, based on the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory and the summing up of the historic experience of the communist movement!

Today, the Maoist Communist Party has the goal of advancing in its construction in the fire of the class struggle, closely linked to the masses, for the socialist or new democratic revolution, with the people’s war strategy culminating with the seizure of power, in accordance with the conditions of each country; to build a new society without crisis, exploitation, oppression and poverty, and to advance to socialism, toward the classless communist society.

To strengthen the Maoist Communist Parties where they exist and to build them where they do not is the task of all proletarians, all those who are struggling on different fronts and want to give themselves the tools to overthrow the system.

Support the People’s War in India, support the revolution in Nepal!

The People’s War in Peru is experiencing a new advance under the leadership of the Communist Party of Peru and goes on in the Philippines, Turkey and particularly in Asia.

In India, the People’s War led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is progressing fighting back against the government ban and the massive military offensive against the revolutionaries and the masses of India – the operation called “Green Hunt.” But the armed people effectively resist and gain an even larger support throughout the country. Our task is to practice proletarian internationalism, support this struggle and make it known.

In Nepal, the situation evolves more and more toward a clash between the revolutionary camp, led by the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), and the reactionary camp. After a 10-years long People’s War and 4 years of peace process, the country is at the border of a new decisive clash. Who will lead the country, whether the bourgeois or the people’s camp, depends on who will win this conflict. At the same time, there is a danger of a foreign intervention of India supported by the US. We must support the revolution in Nepal because it opposes imperialism.

Long Live the Internationalist May Day! Long Live Proletarian Internationalism! Let’s strengthen the building of Maoist Communist Parties! Long Live the Unity of Struggle of the Proletarians and Oppressed People against Imperialism in Crisis! For a New Unity of the International Communist Movement based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Maoist Communist Party – France Maoist Communist Party – Italy Maoist Communist Party – Turkey/North Kurdistan Revolutionary Communist Party – Canada Communist Party of India (ML) Naxalbari

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