Red Flag Express №18

One and all to Montreal

Next May 1st at 6:30PM, those who have had enough of capitalism, exploitation and oppression will beat the streets in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood in Montréal, one of the poorest in Québec. Those who wish to see this rotten system transformed have no better day to do so, the day that symbolizes international solidarity between working-class people, employed and unemployed, immigrants and youth, and all of the exploited.

The Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) supports and will take part in this initiative, which groups together a variety of different popular and political organizations (see the list below) as well as individuals who wish to denounce capitalism. You are invited to join this demonstration and participate in the red contingent, and bring your red flags, the colour that has come to represent the struggle against capitalism for over one hundred years by revolutionaries around the world.

In Canada, the bourgeoisie wages its war against us on all fronts. The systematic attacks against the rights of refugees and immigrants; the Canadian state’s offensive to appropriate territories in the North for the benefit and profit of private companies, while denying the rights and claims of the indigenous people; the daily savagery of rich executives who close their companies and factories after siphoning every ounce of profit from their employees; and the violent suppression of demonstrations (here by the Police, and by the Army elsewhere!): these are just a few examples.

The bourgeoisie’s aim is to accumulate wealth that benefits only them, to hoard a maximum of profits in contempt of the lives and dignity of millions of workers, immigrants, youth, and jobless. The bourgeoisie has many rights, including the right to increase exploitation, cut jobs and close factories when new strategies for greater profit are put into action. And when the generation of profit becomes more difficult, their mercenaries in the government, our “elected” officials, enact and retract laws to cut back on our most basic and elementary rights: the right to shelter, to nourishment, to education, and to healthcare.

And since 2001, this same bourgeoisie brought their plundering to Afghanistan, with bombs and guns in their millions, with soldiers and mercenaries and guns-for-hire who are given a blank cheque when it comes to the law. The Conservative government and its parliament have already voted to extend this war, in defence of the “Made in Canada” corporations that enrich themselves on the suffering of millions and has reduced the quality of life of the majority of the people since the invasion.

That war, and the war in Iraq, are a deadly demonstration of the global economic ladder that the imperialists and capitalists of the world envision: the accumulation of wealth, and the inhuman destruction wrought on countless countries to attain it. It is an expression of the will of a small minority, a handful of people, to possess and dominate the planet for the generation of profit, regardless of the human cost, the destruction of life and dignity of hundreds of millions of workers, peasants, farmers and youth, and to exclude them from the global economy.

These are all examples that demand that we organize here in Canada to help put an end to this poisoned system, which pits one class, the capitalists, against the immense majority.

The Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) thus unites with all of the voices around the world that scream: Long live May 1st!

We do it while supporting the proletarian march that will gather in the streets of Montreal, all those who reject resignation and capitulation in front of the Canadian capitalist corporations and the unjust State and the exploiters they represent, both in Québec and in Ottawa. We will do it while adding the call: wage war against capitalism, revolution is necessary! Across the world, in Nepal, India, the Philippines, the Maoists are on the front-lines of the revolutionary struggle to throw capitalism out of their borders and transform society for a more just world, without exploitation. Our role is not only to support them, but to develop, here in Canada, the revolutionary movement that will undo the bourgeoisie and build a socialist society. This is the movement the RCP wants to initiate and organize in Canada, while building and joining the struggles of all proletarians, from this day forward.

Join the struggle, march with the red contingent on May 1st!

The May 1st demo is supported by those organizations : Anarkhia, Apatrides anonymes, Association irrationnelle pour un Québec libertaire, Carrefour Québec-Cuba, Cellule rouge de Drummondville, Centre for Philippine Concerns, Immigrant Workers Centre, Comité BAILS (Hochelaga-Maisonneuve), Comité des sans-emploi Montréal-centre, Comité pour un Secours rouge canadien , La Pointe libertaire, Organisation populaire des droits sociaux (OPDS), Rvolutionary Communist Party, No One is Illegal – Montreal, PINAY (Filipino Women’s Organization), Solidarity Across Borders, Union Locale de Montréal -NEFAC-, Unité socialiste des IranienNEs à Montréal.

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