We received the following communiqué several weeks ago. The lawyer’s office that represents the victims of police brutality pointed to in this letter is still looking for looking for them.



We are presently trying to find all the people who were arrested, detained or present during the encirclement by the Montréal police force on April 26th, 2002 around 5: 45 – 6:00 p.m. near the northwest exit of Dorchester Square at the corner of Peel and Square Dorchester in Montréal. For those who don’t remember, it was a protest to denounce the policies of the labour ministers of the G8 countries meeting in Montréal on this day.

On the 13th of August 2007, a class action was authorized by the Québec Superior Court against the City of Montréal for damages incurred by the persons who were part of the group described above.

In short, a class action enables a person who is a part of the group to pursue for damages on behalf of the whole group. In this class action there are two representatives: Francis Dupuis-Déri and Marjolaine Despars.

If these two representatives are successful in their class action the whole of the group will benefit from the damages awarded by the Court.

There are two main components to a class action. The first, which is a demand to authorize the class action is already over. The second will be the actual Court procedures for the action where it will be decided if the damages must be awarded.

For a description of the damages and more information on the class action you can visit the website of the law firm working on the case at: www.ouelletnadon.qc.ca/recours_detail2.php.

It is very important that all the people who were present in the encirclement contact us as soon as possible to give us their contact information at the following e-mail: rcg8@ouelletnadon.qc.ca or by fax at 514 528-1353.

With your contact information, we can keep you up to date on new developments in the class action and if it’s successful we can contact you to tell you how to claim the damages. Soon, we will also need to collect information from all of you to be used as evidence in the class action.

We are aware that some of you will probably have some questions with regards to the present message. Please send us these questions with your coordinates and we will try to answer all of these questions in a subsequent message.

In solidarity, Natacha Binsse-Masse Lawyer for the representatives

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