Red Flag Express №16

Support our class brothers and sisters in South Asia

Throughout the last few weeks, important developments have arisen in Nepal and other parts of South Asia. The elections to form the Constituent Assembly, which aims to abolish the reactionary monarchy in accordance with the agreement between the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and the Seven- Party Alliance (SPA), is fast approaching, scheduled for the 10th of April. But some SPA members are conspiring with imperialist and external forces in order to prevent the victory of the people’s revolution.

It is urgent, therefore, that anti-imperialist and revolutionary activists, and all who wish to see an end to reaction throughout the world, mobilize to support the revolution in Nepal. For 12 years now, the revolutionary masses in Nepal, led by the CPN(Maoist), have shaken the old system and reinvigorated the hope for a new world and a Communist future despite the fatalistic prophecies of “the end of history” and the “final victory” of the great capitalist superpowers. The revolutionary movement being fought for and defended by the Nepalese is on the threshold of realizing the triumph of revolution, and to usher in the first steps towards a new Nepal. We have the responsibility to support this revolutionary development, and to fight against imperialist attempts to stop this progress cold.

The latest issue of Le Drapeau Rouge newspaper, which hit the streets a few days ago, reported on some of the more significant events which have take place over the past few weeks, among them:

• The police have carried out several raids on the Young Communist League (YCL), the youth organization linked to the CPN(Maoist). • The CPN(Maoist) officially announced the reestablishment of People’s Revolutionary Councils, that constituted the embryonic form of the new people’s power during the first 11 years of the people’s war, and which had been dissolved following the signing of the peace agreement in late 2006. • In Bhutan, a small country east of Nepal, the official state newspaper has reported the development of a Maoist insurgency in the country. • Most of the main political parties in Nepal have expressed their concerns and doubts about the date and conditions of the upcoming elections for the formation of a Constituent Assembly. Sher Bahadur Deuba (an official of the Nepali Congress, the leading political party in Nepal which, although officially declaring its intention to abolish the monarchy, maintains friendly and close relations with the King and his allies) has declared that, if state “security” does not improve, it will be impossible to hold the elections on April 10th. This statement is interesting, in that it indicates that the Nepali Congress may wish to go ahead with its plan to mobilize the Nepali Royal Army for the elections, particularly in the Terai region. • The CPN(Maoist) has made it known that if the old Royal Army is mobilized for the elections, it is only logical that they mobilize their own forces.

In short, the situation in Nepal has proven more delicate and more volatile than ever, and the future of the revolutionary movement in Nepal may well be decided in the coming weeks.

At this moment, we must reaffirm boldly that the revolution in Nepal is also our revolution. It should be obvious, for anyone not blinded by imperialist propaganda, that: 1) the revolution in Nepal is justified; 2) Nepali Maoists are not terrorists; and 3) our comrades have shown exemplary courage and immense determination, accepting their role in the rebellion of the Nepalese masses and proposing a strategy to ensure that the first revolution of the 21st Century take place in the shadow of Mount Everest.

As part of mobilizing public opinion in support with the people’s revolution in Nepal, supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Party in Montréal held a picket line on Thursday, February 28 in front of the U.S. consulate. Chanting slogans condemning interferences in Nepalese affairs by Yankee imperialism and other external forces and cheering the coming into being of the People’s Republic of Nepal, the demonstrators stood in front of the consulate main entrance for more than half an hour. They were carrying signs on which we could read: Long live the People’s Republic of Nepal!, U.S. imperialism, let Nepalis decide their own future! and Victory to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)!

In a short speech, a spokesperson of the RCP especially condemn the decision of the Bush regime to maintain the CPN(Maoist) on its so-called “list of terrorist organizations” despite the fact the U.S. government is officially “supporting” the April 10th election: “It is realistic to anticipate that once again, if the people don’t make the ‘good choice’ in the eyes of the imperialists, the world masters will unleash their terror against the people in order to punish them, like they are currently doing in Gaza, where the people choose the ‘wrong party’ in the latest election. This would be an additional example of the hypocrisy of this superpower, which only recognizes the regimes it controls, where the others are tagged as ‘rogue state’ and subjected to all kind of retaliation.”

Workers and oppressed people from the whole world must extend their support to the revolution in Nepal. In mobilizing the peasantry, women, oppressed nationalities and the downtrodden; in building a new people’s power and the glorious People’s Liberation Army, the Nepalese revolutionaries raised the hopes of millions across the world who are looking to see our red flag flying over the Himalayas. In the current international situation, a victory of the people’s movement in the coming election for a Constituent Assembly in Nepal will be an important step forward, not only for the Nepalese masses themselves but for the people of the whole world.

Long live proletarian internationalism! Support the revolution in Nepal, and elsewhere in South Asia!

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