Red Flag Express №16

Govindan Kutty is finally released

After nearly two months in prison, the chief editor of the Indian magazine People’s March has finally been released after paying a $US 2,500 bail, following accusations from the socalled “communist” authorities of Kerala state that he played a role in “insurrectional activities.” This also comes after the 68-year old journalist’s hunger strike to protest his detention shortly after his arrest. The People’s March magazine is published legally in India, and presents itself as the “voice of the revolution.” The allegations made against Govindan Kutty have no serious legal basis; it was motivated by the need to silence a voice that reports on popular topics and supports the cause of Maoist guerrillas fighting in the country.

In a brief statement made immediately after his release from prison, Govindan Kutty thanked all those who supported him over the past few weeks. Despite the seizure of his computer equipment and threats from the police, Kutty asserted that the regular publication of People’s March will resume as soon as possible

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