The Programme of the Revolutionary Communist Party presents the strategic plan for the Canadian proletariat to overthrow the Canadian bourgeoisie, destroy capitalism, build socialism and work towards a classless, communist society. On this agenda you will find the main objectives and the most important tasks that our class must undertake in order to achieve these goals. This document is a course we have charted, a plan of action to bring our historic struggle to its fruition and decisive victory for our liberation, and that of all humanity.

Such a programme is a necessity to unite the vanguard, that is to say the proletarian revolutionaries who want to fight for real change in Canada and who need a common understanding of the prevailing situation and of what must be done to reach this goal. We also need such a programme to support the activity of the revolutionary communist party we are building—a party that is necessary in to lead our struggle and push it towards communism.

Unlike the programme of bourgeois parties, ours is not made up of hollow promises to beguile voters. We do not pretend to significantly better the lives of workers within this system. We don’t want people to believe either that the good will or the undertakings of professional politicians—whether they cloak themselves with the label of “socialist” or “communist”—can wage struggle instead of the exploited masses. These are the only ones able to really transform society and lead it to a higher stage.

In fact, our programme is quite the opposite of the bourgeois one. In no way do we think this system can be improved upon or that it can satisfy the needs of the oppressed or help them to emancipate themselves. Hence, we think that we must wage revolutionary struggle against capitalism to overthrow and destroy it.

The communist programme is not there to please everybody. Society is divided into different social classes whose interests clash with one another. At the top, the bourgeoisie—the capitalists who own the means of production and appropriate, directly or indirectly, the surplus value they extort from the proletariat. Alongside the exploiters are their loyal agents who work to preserve this system. At the other end, there is the proletariat, the great majority, who can only survive by the sweat of their brow.

The communist programme is not neutral. It is based on the interests of the oppressed class—the proletariat—solely on its interests. It is a tool to wage struggle that permits the working class to learn about itself, where it comes from, who it is up against, in what direction it has to move, and especially, how it will get there.

Marx and Engels, the founders of communism, clearly demonstrated how the bourgeoisie, who nonetheless, historically, has played “a most revolutionary part” by toppling and putting an end to the feudal mode of production, has now become an all out reactionary class, as were the exploiting classes that came before it. This class now hinders social and economic development. The authors of the Communist Manifesto have shown that by developing the capitalist mode of production and the capitalist modes of exchange: “…not only has the bourgeoisie forged the weapons that bring death to itself; it has also called into existence the men who are to wield those weapons—the modern working class—the proletarians.”

Endowed with this understanding, the proletariat waged struggle against the bourgeoisie to get rid of it. The Commune of Paris and the Chinese Revolution, as well as the historic October Revolution of 1917 in Russia, were all tremendous victories for the proletariat which has written the most beautiful pages of human history. This battle is merely at its beginning.

Capitalism at the imperialist era has spread its reign worldwide. After more than 200 years of existence, it has proven to be the most ferocious system to ever exist.

In Canada, the coffers of the upper class are overflowing. Every month, 20 billion dollars of goods are sold in this country. Yet, most workers are experiencing more and more difficulty providing for the basics, such as rent and decent food. For the last 15, 20 years, on the international scale, the working class has become more and more impoverished. Wages have gone down and insecurity is growing. At the same time, the three richest people on the planet own more than the poorest group of countries inhabited by 600 million people! The capitalists claim that their system is the best possible of all, yet they can only offer us more misery, exploitation, racism and division. It promotes the most backward and abject ideas, violence against the oppressed, the most barbarous of wars and destruction of the environment. As for the future, still more darkness looms.

However, with the experience that we have chalked up in the last 150 years, whether it is positive or negative, the proletariat can and must raise the red flag, the communist flag. In fact, the revolutionary movement is stronger today than it has ever been. Its rebirth is taking place in countries dominated by imperialism, in Peru, Philippines, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Turkey, where people’s wars are gaining more and more strength.

It is up to us, Canadian proletariat, to bring our contribution to the developing international movement so we can put an end to capitalist barbarity and so we can guarantee the triumph of socialism and communism by taking up the struggle to overthrow the Canadian bourgeoisie now.

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