People's War Digest №1

Don’t vote ! Let’s prepare for the revolution !

First published in Le Drapeau Rouge newspaper, No. 48, April/May 2004.

At the moment this newspaper was published, uncertainty still ruled over the Liberal government on the best time to call for general elections. While a few months ago the road to victory was an evidence for the Liberals, now that the sponsorship scandal erupted in February their lead in the polls began disappearing.

If elections had been called six months ago, we would have had a ruling Liberal government. Now, we may end up with a minority Conservative government, with a majority of Bloc Québécois MP’s in Québec. But the real politics – those who rule our lives and maintain the power of the rich – will they have really changed ?

See how capitalist society is ill: the time of the election, which is the so-called most “democratic” exercise that can be, may be called at the will and along with the mood from the weather or opinion polls, which should make us wary from the start. But worse: it is a $100-million scandal on sponsorships that will determine the political contents of the upcoming election campaign. A scandal that is a “symptom”, a cartoon of an arrogant power that doesn’t even give a shape to its excesses and handouts to its friends. To say the truth, the sponsorship scandal arranges every political party running for office that will try by all means to hide the real illness: the capitalist and bourgeois class is decaying in every dominating imperialist State, where such scandals multiply and send in total discredit over the State power this class exerts.

The bourgeois class, whether in power as the federal Liberals or in the opposition like the Bloc Québécois, the Conservatives and even the NDP, fundamentally has only one program to defend: maintaining the capitalists in power, the dictatorship of the rich over the poor. After over 150 years of bourgeois democracy in Canada, marked by elections opposing parties with interchangeable programs, what has really changed in State power? What fundamental transformation have we seen in the power of the capitalists to exploit most of the population to their profit or that of the banks? How many “sponsorships” were given to companies during these 150 years of bourgeois politics in Canada – without speaking of scandals ?

In light of this totally justified decrease in confidence from a widening portion of the population, two reactions are proposed to us. That of the bourgeoisie and its power, trying by any possible tricks to hide its dictatorship by multiplying the number of political parties running in elections. But watch them all: those who count and have power, money and can use the bourgeois political process are part of one and only class, they all fundamentally hold the project of holding on to the capitalist regime. With a little more or less humanity, with more money for the State, or then for businesses; but nothing that would come change the rules of exploitation and property that allow capitalists to rule the world.

Along with the dictatorship it exerts through its capitalist State and its more-of-the-same political parties, the Canadian bourgeoisie decides of our very own lives: as proletarians, we are constantly devoted to earning just enough money to survive until the next month, without possibility to acquire actual freedom.

The freedom we want is that of working, travelling, studying, eating, being housed without problem, and spend time to think, learn, know, create, help, love, have children or not, while transforming society towards more justice, towards the end of oppression and exploitation in our country. The only political transformation towards which we should devote all our forces is that one: to destroy the imperialist State that is totally annihilating the way of life of entire Native communities here in Canada or in oppressed countries as Alcan is doing in India and that crushes all opposition they call “rogue” as the USA are doing in the interests of their oil companies in Iraq; to destroy an system to whom war is essential” But in order to destroy all this we have to use all our forces to destroy the electoral lie which is keeping us under the illusion of a change that will never get to us.

The next federal elections in Canada give us absolutely no hope, nor any possibility to really transform Canadian society. Elections are an instrument of the bourgeoisie to accommodate and manage capitalist society. Proletarian revolution is the only instrument for workers, the unemployed, students, immigrants and all who are exploited, in alliance with First Nations, that will allow overwhelming social relations and finally do away with bourgeois dictatorship. Transforming society by the masses’ revolutionary action also means the inevitable confrontation with the capitalists and the bourgeois State. Today, this State is managing repressive instruments that allow it to defend capitalist power: the army, the police and the justice system. We must prepare to defend against them when the time comes to attack their power !

No election in the framework of bourgeois democracy will transform the army, the police and justice to put them at the service of the exploited. We have to prepare for this confrontation, not with unarmed pro-bourgeois parties, which the State can easily ignore. We must prepare by finally building a revolutionary party serving the oppressed that will not be afraid to say: the bourgeoisie will never abandon its power by itself! The majority has to seize power by the force of its numbers and defend it by all means necessary !

Against elections, let’s prepare the revolution !

Let’s build a genuine revolutionary party in Canada !

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