For more than three years, the Partisan newspaper has consistently defended the interests of the working class. Across the board, both nationally and internationally, Partisan condemns the dominant ideology and takes a solid stand in favour of socialism and revolution. It supports acts of resistance from the proletariat and oppressed peoples and popularizes revolutionary actions that attack the very heart of the exploitative capitalist system.

The Partisan was launched by the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada)—a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party that fights for a genuine revolutionary change. It is supported and widely circulated by activists who uphold revolution. Distributed widely and free of charge, the Partisan is part of a conscious effort to reach out to and organize the proletarian masses in the workplaces and neighbourhoods where they are too often ignored by the traditional and institutionalized left.

We invite our readers as well as those who support this initiative to contribute financially to Partisan’s expansion. In 2012, thanks to the initiative of our supporters in Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and Québec City, we collected more than $2,500 that helped to increase and expand our circulation. Now we want more people to have the chance to read and distribute the Partisan. While expanding its distribution in Québec and Ontario, we want to send thousands of copies to the Maritimes and Western Canada. Day after day, fight after fight, the Partisan must become an organizational tool for regrouping proletarians who hope for the revolution.

You can contribute to this fundraising campaign in various ways:

  • By giving your contribution in person to the distributors of this newspaper;
  • By sending a check or money order by mail (payable to the “Bureau d’information politique”): 1918, rue Frontenac, Montréal QC H2K 2Z1;
  • By depositing your donation at the Maison Norman Bethune—a communist bookstore located at 1918 Frontenac Street in Montréal;
  • By making an online donation or by subscribing to a monthly donation via PayPal for the amount of your choice:

Want to help with circulating the Partisan? Contact us right now at

And thank you for your support.

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