Saturday, November 8 at 2pm
Bloor/Gladstone Library
1101 Bloor St. West, Toronto

Capitalism is in Crisis. Governments around the world are ruthlessly imposing austerity measures on us, the everyday people. This is an attack on our already deteriorating quality of life, our incomes and our social security! Conditions of poverty are worsening for the everyday people, while those in government and the rich continue to enjoy their increasing wealth. Oppressed people all over are coming together to defend themselves and to fight back against these attacks on their livelihood.

This state of affairs is undoubtedly connected to the workings of the global capitalist economy. We must understand the present economic crisis in order to develop a strategy for opposing this attack on our well-being. Communism has a rich history of people’s struggle against injustice, yet continues to be viewed – by the state and defenders of injustice – as a virus rather than a solution. By looking at some of the challenges, defeats, and victories in the history of Communist struggles, we can draw important lessons for building a Communism for the 21st Century.

We invite those with a fighting spirit to join us in connecting the degradation of everyday peoples’ lives and toward the building of a Communist resistance.

Presented by the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee.

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