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The World Needs Socialism! Socialism Requires Revolution!
The Revolution Needs Us!

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This year, International Workers’ Day will take place in a context of crisis where we are facing attacks on all fronts. Across the country, the governments that are run by and for the rich are escalating their attacks against the proletarian and popular masses. This results in cuts in public services, increases of all kind of fees, restrictions in EI and welfare, and systematic pressures on our wages, pensions and working conditions.

In their insatiable quest to maximize profits, the capitalists and their state crush everything that stands in their way; they no longer have the luxury of preserving the democratic veneer they once applied to their system. Gone is the time when they were upholding their system of rights and civil liberties and were even pretending to recognize aboriginal rights. Exploitation of natural resources is at the heart of the redeployment of big capital in Canada; the bourgeoisie makes every effort to win over the whole territory, in violation of the national rights of Indigenous peoples.

Against the resistance that these policies necessarily cause, the capitalists and their state are deploying their whole arsenal. First of all, they do not hesitate to repress and crush any pocket of resistance, militant organizations and individuals who support them, and to set up the mechanisms (like the infamous Bill C-51) that will enable them to act with impunity. Secondly, they promote hatred against some of us (namely, at this moment, migrant and Muslim workers, hoping that we will turn our despair and anger against ourselves, rather than directing them against those who are responsible for the crisis and our misfortunes: the wealthy few who run the country.

And soon, in a few months, they will dare to bring out their old decrepit spectacle and try to bring us again into their electoral circus by hinting that things might be better with Trudeau or Mulcair. Above all, their goal is to convince us that it is still possible to “do things differently” without changing the foundations of the capitalist system.

What is happening in Canada is no different from what happens elsewhere, in all countries of the world, for those who live under the yoke of the world imperialist system. The promises of the better days of Trudeau and Mulcair are nothing but idle talk: to end the crisis and the damage it causes, we need to end the system that engenders it.

Our resistance is correct: as the Maoists use to say, it is right to rebel! And yes, we must dare to struggle and dare to win! It is right to reject the divisions fomented by the bourgeoisie and to unite and fight all together to defend and enforce demands that meet our needs. Doing so reinforces our camp and opens possibilities to go further.

While it is increasingly clear that capitalism has had its day and that it now produces nothing but misery, wars and destruction, it is the time to say that another world is possible and necessary and that this new world has a name: socialism, that is to say, workers’ power, the dismantling of bourgeois institutions, the complete reorganization of all aspects of social, economical and political life so the downtrodden of today will be the masters of the future.

This new world will not happen by itself; it will come from a revolution, that is the overthrow of today’s ruling class by the one that is currently dominated. This dominated class, which represents the future, is ours—the working class. We proletarians have the ability to run the society; in fact, without us, the bourgeoisie would be nothing. This capability has to be put in the service of revolution, by building our militant organizations and strengthening our headquarters—our revolutionary party.

Fellow proletarians, on May 1st 2015, across the country and by any means, let’s show and demonstrate our aspiration to build socialism and revolution! Join the Maoists in their colorful red contingents! The red flag is our flag—the proletarian flag that symbolizes our strength, our courage, and the victories that soon will be ours!

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