We are proud to present the first issue of the new Red Flag magazine, the first result of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada’s [PCR-RCP] efforts to reinitiate its propaganda work that, for the past several years, relied on old documents, online essays/interventions, and the Partisan newspaper. The Red Flag is intended to be a medium in which party members, supporters, mass-members, sympathizers, and fellow travellers will have their work printed and disseminated as a small part of developing a broad cultural counter-hegemony in which we, and other parallel movements, can operate.

Join the Toronto friends and supporters of the PCR-RCP on July 3rd, 6-9PM @ A-Space Gallery (401 Richmond, Suite 110) for an evening of discussion, music (Tyler Shipley has graciously agreed to play some of his tunes), snacks, and hopefully magazine buying.

A Space Gallery is wheelchair accessible.

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