Solidarity With Djaber Kalibi!

Solidarity Meeting:

Monday, October 21 octobre at 7pm
at Café L’Artère
7000, Av. du Parc
Montréal (south of Jean-Talon, a few blocks from métro Parc)
Organized by le Comité de soutien pour Djaber Kalibi and the Assemblée populaire autonome de Montréal.

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Djaber Kalibi settled in Canada in 2005 to find work, along with Parvaneh and their daughters. As a longtime communist militant, he took part in the overthrow of the Shah of Iran and the subsequent resistance to the islamic Republic. Exiled to France, he was sentenced to 4 years in prison for his political activities. After years of legal battles, the French tribunals finally recognized that he was not a threat to the state and granted him French citizenship.

However, his arrival on Canadian soil posed certain problems. The government doesn’t know if they should consider him as an enemy or as the enemy of the enemy. 8 years later it came to a decision: he will no longer be allowed on our territory and will be deported to France.

Djaber’s case exposes important contradictions: why does Canada want to deport someone who tried to fight a government that it deams to be terrorist and responsible for war crimes against humanity? His case unveils the trickery and fraudulance of many of the principles (democracy, human rights, self-determination) that Canada uses on the international stage to defend its imperialist actions.

This public assembly will offer an opportunity to discuss with Djaber and his supporters. It will also be an occasion to think about concrete methods to reverse the decision to deport him. Legal means offer no recourse. Their results are predictable and obvious, since the inquiry commissioners do little else but sanction the decisions of the minister of citizenship and immigration. Political struggle is our only recourse and we must act quickly. Our voices must be heard by the population to put pressure on Ottawa! It’s up to us to turn things around! It can be done!

– A light meal will be served
– Whisper translation from french to english if needed
– Childcare available

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