This flyer was circulated by the Revolutionary Workers Movement comrades to Sears workers and customers:

59 closed stores, 2,900 layed off, that is how Sears Canada chose to pay their debts of the last few years. While about forty high level executives are given nearly 10 million dollars in ‘bonus’, the 2,900 workers will get absolutely no compensation. As always, we take the hit so the bosses can save their skin.

Sears say they had no choice to close down stores due to the competition of online sales. We say that the progress of technology should give us better lives, not the anguish of being replaced by machines and have our whole live be thrown into chaos. The reasons Sears can do this to 2,900 people is that we live in a capitalist society dominated the rich, the bourgeoisie, who have all the power and control the economy. They use every occasion to enlarge their wealth at the expense of the working class.

The opposite of capitalism is socialism. In a socialist society, all power belongs to the worker. When we must close a store or a factory, people don’t lose their jobs. They don’t end up on unemployment benefits or welfare. They are simply given another one. Societies like that existed before. They will exist again since it is in the interest of an enormous majority of the population to struggle against bosses and for the workers.

This October, the Revolutionary Communist Party will organize a ‘month of socialism’ full of activities (public assembly, conferences, political movie screenings, demonstration, progressive music show, etc.) who will allow us to understand the legacy of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the first time in history the working class took power, from which we have a lot of lessons to learn if we are to do the same thing in Canada.

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