This year, communists and the exploited masses the world over are celebrating the centennial of the Bolshevik revolution, which became the first proletarian revolution in history to defeat the bourgeoisie throughout an entire country, and the first to allow for the establishment of a socialist State. This event represented a point of historical rupture: It changed the balance of power between ruling and downtrodden classes on a global scale, generated a remarkable upturn all through the international revolutionary movement and inspired, for decades to come, the exploited proletariat and oppressed peoples struggling for liberation in every corner of the globe.

The legacy of the Bolshevik revolution forms a mass of material which remains essential for communists, still today, to study and understand in order to once again make revolution. Our insistance on highlighting the centennial of the Bolshevik revolution is not one induced by nostalgia nor by a will to live in the past. Quite to the contrary, we insist because our eyes are set upon the future. Today, even though conditions are not the same as they were in 1917, the perspective of proletarian revolution and of socialism is still the one that is the most in phase with reality − and it is still that which allows to us imagine a world without exploitation. Marxism prevails as the sharpest and most revolutionary weapon that exists. The future is socialism! We did not invent this: the development of capitalism itself led us to it.

The global context, distinguished by a long-term crisis—the world’s worst since the Second World War—and by the sharpening of contradictions between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, of contradictions setting oppressed nations and peoples against imperialism, as well as inter-imperialist contradictions, reminds us daily of the urgency to give a new push to the international communist movement and to the struggle for socialism in every country. Humanity today is equipped with all of the resources and knowledge it needs to put an end to the economic, political, moral, cultural and environmental crisis, to eliminate war and violence, to cure just about any illness, to eradicate misery and famine, and to protect itself from natural catastrophes; today there exist all the tools necessary for rationally planning and organising production so as to eliminate waste, for labour to be distributed in a fair and balanced way and for the needs of all to be addressed.

Indeed, the world is tearing itself apart. But why? Because in every country, the means of production still belong to a parasitic, reactionary class: the bourgeoisie. If it seems humanity’s problems are nowhere near being resolved, the root cause is the capitalist system, a system which concentrates wealth in the hands of a minority of exploiters. To ensure the survival and progress of humanity, there is only one solution: The majority must confiscate the means of production from the bourgeoisie, must stamp out the bourgeoisie as a social class. In every country, the whole social order of the past needs to be violently overthrown: revolution needs to be made.

To all those who are outraged before the barbarity of this unjust world, know that your feelings coincide with those of millions of proletarians who hope for a better world and who are struggling at this very moment to end the destructive system in which we live. But it is not enough to oppose the capitalist system. There needs to be a clear understanding of where the world is headed and a correct appraisal of the conditions and of the stages of the movement. Socialism, as a transition to communism, remains the only world possible beyond capitalism. There is no Third Way.

In Canada, just as in any other country, the struggle for socialism plays itself out every day, even if this struggle, for the time being, arises most often spontaneously and in an unconscious form. Workers’ struggles for better conditions, the struggle of proletarian women for emancipation, the revolt of proletarian youth against police brutality, indigenous resistance to national oppression and to environmental destruction, people’s protest movements for affordable and clean housing, for free daycare and accessible, quality healthcare, demonstrations against imperialist wars, the fight of undocumented immigrant proletarians for status, street fights against racist and far-right groups, all of these things are part of the general struggle to put an end to capitalism—that is to say, the struggle for socialism! However, in order for this vast movement to succeed, the exploited need to become aware that they make up one and the same social class, and this social class, the proletariat, must seize political power from the bourgeoisie and wield its dictatorship upon its exploiters. This is why those who today have a clear understanding of the general ends of proletarian struggle must unite inside a vanguard party, representing the interests of the totality of the proletariat and of the exploited masses, and must strive to turn all of the unconscious expressions of class struggle into conscious ones. It is in this way that revolution flourishes: revolution which will give birth to a new society, unshackled from exploitation and alienation.

This autumn, let all those in Canada that lay claim to Marxism and to communism make an effort to underscore, in the most flamboyant way possible, the centennial of the Great revolution of October 1917!

Let as many communist, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and progressive proletarians and activists as possible participate in our revolutionary assembly, September 23rd at 6PM at the Maison Norman Bethune, so that we can bring together our energy for the coming fight against the Canadian bourgeoisie!

Let as many progressive proletarians and activists come and demonstrate on the 7th of November, (the day of the seizure of power in 1917 by the Russian proletariat and peasantry led by the Bolshevik party) in downtown Montreal at 6:30PM!

Let all those in Canada who call for revolution and the end of capitalism join the RCP, the party of the Canadian working class, in the struggle for the overthrow of bourgeois dictatorship and for socialism!

Let us show by our action that the communist movement is a living force in Canada and that it is on the rise! Let us gather our forces and quicken the pace along the road towards the expropriation of the Canadian imperialist bourgeoisie, towards the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat and the collectivisation of the means of production, the only way to ensure a bright future for the great majority of humanity!

Let Us March Ahead Along the Path Crimson With the Blood of the Workers and Peasants of Russia During the Great Revolution of October 1917!

To Put an End to This Unjust World, Let Us Struggle for a Socialist Canada!

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