Dear comrades of the Maoist Communist Party:

It is with great emotion that we learned of the death of your comrade—we should say our comrade—Pierre, after a tragic accident.

Comrade Pierre embodies Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the struggle to defend, develop and apply it in order to advance the world revolution. The pain of his loss, of which you eloquently testify, is deeply felt by all those who are fighting for socialism and communism, be it in Quebec, in Canada and all over the world. His immense contribution of a whole life serving the revolution will not have been in vain: it will long inspire the activity of the actual and the coming generations of revolutionaries who are struggling and will continue to fight for the cause of communism.

Our Party will pay him homage in a few days, on December 22, at the Annual Maison Norman Bethune House fundraising event in Montreal.

In the meantime, receive our fraternal communist greetings and solidarity.

The Revolutionary Communist Party

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