Sunday, January 28th at 7pm (doors open at 6:30)
At Maison Norman Bethune

9697, boul. Saint-Laurent (3rd Floor)

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Sunday, January 28th will mark the 11th anniversary of the founding of the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP). On this occasion, the Party will organise an evening of celebration at the Maison Norman Bethune in Montreal. The event will allow for presenting the content of the 10th edition of the theoretical magazine Arsenal. The evening will as well constitute the launch of a broad political initiative entitled “Let us fight for socialism and our demands”, a 15-month campaign which will culminate in a strong proletarian march in downtown Montreal on May 1st 2019, as well as with actions elsewhere in the country to honour the memory of the workers who rose up during the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike. The first step of this vast political offensive leading towards a vigorous May 2019 will be the carrying out of the “Workers’ Spring, towards a revolutionary Mayday”, a spring of organization and agitation oriented towards the working class during which all efforts will be deployed in order to bring a greater number of exploited workers to take part in the yearly assault of the “Golden Square Mile”, the headquarters of Montreal’s upper bourgeoisie, on the International Workers’ Day. The Workers’ Spring will begin without delay, on January 29th, and will conclude on May 1st with a combative protest announcing the tumults to come. The road towards this march will be punctuated by the first edition of a “Revolutionary March 8th, International Working Women’s Day”, a new day of action, the details of which will soon be released.

The RCP is heading into its twelfth year of existence with multiplied engagement and determination, armed with the rich and fertile experience of more than a decade of revolutionary action and a clearer comprehension than ever of the conditions and the advance of the proletarian movement. Eleven years ago, activists resolved to put an end to this world of misery and injustice chose to break with the excessive wait-and-see attitude that had all too long characterized the Canadian communist movement. They refused to keep on indefinitely postponing the building of the vanguard organisation the working class needs to defeat the bourgeoisie: They founded the Party of the Canadian proletariat, the Revolutionary Communist Party. For eleven years, partisans of the RCP struggled to make communism more than a simple theoretical option for the future; they turned it into a tangible political battle, a living movement, a fight at all moments with the class enemy. They went against the tide and imposed the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist tendency and the perspective of Protracted People’s War in Canada, to curtail the slow killing-off of communism in this country. They raised the flag of Maoism, defended and applied it by concretely preparing, through revolutionary action, the initiation of Protracted People’s War, without fearing the moments of lost tranquility, but on the contrary anticipating them with enthusiasm, for it is within the storm that are forged the aptitudes and character necessary for defeating the enemy. More recently, they led the struggle against opportunism and postmodernism and threw away a clique of plotters and petty-bourgeois upstarts who had infiltrated their ranks and insidiously sabotaged the progression towards the objective of initiation. Strengthened by the amputation of this gangrenous limb of opportunism, and hardened by a higher level of unity and a superior clarity of vision, the RCP is now equipped to face the challenges to come with new vigour and boldness.

On the anniversary of the foundation of our Party, we will launch a new offensive that will reinforce the struggle of the People against the Canadian imperialist bourgeoisie! Let us prepare to fight! Let us struggle for socialism and our demands! Long live the Workers’ Spring, towards a revolutionary Mayday! Long live the RCP!

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