To all those who fight for communism…

The appearance of Arsenal No. 10 is a great step forward in the solidification of the revolutionary camp in Canada. This issue’s publishing by the Revolutionary Communist Party marks its entry into a new phase of its political struggle to rebuild the camp of revolution. It is more unified than ever and armed with unswerving enthusiasm that its activists have taken to the task.

The 10th issue of Arsenal is concentrated on the objective forms of revolutionary action, the notion of a complete communist party, and the continuity of the historical experience of the Canadian and international revolutionary movement. It considers tangible questions that force every group struggling for communism to choose between initiative and paralysis, audacity and cowardice, revolution and revisionism. We will clarify the notion of science of revolution and develop, in a Maoist manner, the political, strategic and tactical points concerning the repertoire of actions that a communist party must today be able to operationalize.

How should a small group of revolutionaries succeed in mobilizing the fury of the masses into a People’s War against the bourgeoisie? What actions should this group take in a period where the weakest link in the chain between revolutionaries and the mass of the proletariat is the party? What is the difference between simply recognizing a thing (the necessity of a sustained confrontation with the bourgeoisie until its annihilation) and putting it into practice as of today? To solve these problems in practice, to face the great strategic challenges of revolution, it is necessary to appropriate the historical experience of the proletariat. To total up the objective forms of revolutionary action and to succeed in building a complete communist party − such is the task that the revolutionary movement must accomplish in the coming years if it is to move towards a genuine attempt at rising to power. In a time where the bourgeoisie is better equipped than ever to struggle against the proletariat, refusal of the various forms of action and confinement to a single field of activity can only condemn the camp of revolution to defeat. To the contrary, it is the whole spectrum of revolutionary practice that needs embracing.

This new issue will also allow for us to settle our debts with Arsenal no. 9, which appeared during the time the Party was still parasited by the opportunists. That issue should from now on be considered a foreign document to the Revolutionary Communist Party and it must be criticized. The articles written by the opportunists repeat the worst mistakes of the past, clothed in fashionable vocabulary. Among other things, the article “Communist Methods of Mass Work” proposes a revisionist conception of the mass line reducing the work of the Party in the masses to reformist struggles when it should instead aim to establish a link with the proletariat configured in such a way that it will eventually render possible the launching of armed struggle.

The raison d’être of a political journal such as Arsenal is to contribute to the unification of the subjective forces of revolution in Canada. The current issue should allow for the nourishing of the current polemic within the Maoist movement and for the tooling of all those who should want to follow the leadership of the continuators of revolutionary experience in Canada. We think the ideas and the perspectives defended here will help train the next generation of communists, ideologically and politically. To sum up, this issue should allow to reinforce the political preparation of People’s War in the country.

Our Party’s reconstruction and the Canadian Maoist movement’s shedding of its revisionist fringe will be completed by the revolutionary action we will deploy in the coming months. We call upon all activists, revolutionaries, partisans, communists and progressives to familiarize themselves with this new issue of Arsenal, to debate over and assimilate its content. Partisans of MLM all over the world must close ranks around a proletarian and revolutionary Maoism. Prior to the relaunching of Maoists’ international unification process around the project of Protracted People’s War, there must develop a common comprehension of bourgeois perspectives’ growing infiltration within the communist organizations of imperialist countries. This journal is our humble contribution to the burning debates of our historical period.

We are the Continuators!
Rebuild the Revolutionary Communist Party!
Develop the complete communist party!
Prepare the next wave of revolutions and People’s Wars to put an end to this unjust world!
This century will be one of fighting and winning!

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