May 1st, International Workers’ Day, commemorates the 1886 Haymarket Square massacre in Chicago, when police attacked the strikers who were fighting for the eight-hour day. Now, 125 years later, May 1st is a time for celebrating our victories and demonstrating our willingness to fight with our brothers and sisters around the world against a system that brings no more than misery, oppression and exploitation.

This year, May 1st will take place in a context where capitalism has gone through one of its worst crises, which has claimed thousands of victims in Canada and millions worldwide. The bourgeoisie and their politicians now say the crisis is over and capitalism has indeed recovered. But the only thing that is growing right now is the exploitation of workers and oppressed peoples. This, along with the increasing of profits for the capitalists. That the economic elites say there has been a “recovery,” shows how ignorant they are of the continuing burden of oppression on our backs.

But this May 1st will also happen in a context where all is not well for the capitalists. The inter-imperialist contradictions are growing and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the major imperialist powers to make their interests prevail. Worse for them is the fact that resistance and the desire for revolution are heard more and more strongly in the streets, as we have seen since the beginning of the year in North Africa and the Middle East. The hope expressed by the millions of oppressed people who dare to rebel against the political and economic elites is also ours!

In Canada, May 1st will take place on the eve of another meaningless election. Let’s take this opportunity to loudly express our rejection of the bourgeoisie and its unjust system! Supporters of this newspaper will be in the streets all day with their slogans and their red flags, to express this desire for a new world without exploitation and oppression. Join us in the streets on May 1st!

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