Partisan №1

Introducing Partisan

This paper is published by the Revolutionary Communist Party Information Bureau. Those who already know The Red Flag/Le Drapeau Rouge newspaper will recognize the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist views of the RCP.

Like the former, Partisan is designed first and foremost for the workers and the broad masses. As its name suggests, it will take the side of the working class in all circumstances. Partisan will advocate socialism and communism and support all revolutionary struggles at home and abroad. It will tell the truth to the proletarians and oppressed people, not only about what’s wrong with capitalism, but most importantly, about the revolutionary action needed to get rid of this old and rotten system.

Partisan is bilingual and free. It is already available in several locations across Canada. To those who hope for the revolution, we say: make Partisan yours! Read it, support it and spread it! Send your feedback or reports about what is going on in your area. Partisan is circulated on the streets and in factories, workplaces and proletarian neighborhoods. To obtain copies, contact us at: info (at)

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