More than a month has passed since the beginning of NATO’s military offensive in Libya, “intervening” in what started as protests in several Libyan cities and quickly became a full-fledged and drawn-out civil war. The NATO bloc has stated repeatedly that it is unwilling to accept any outcome other than a complete military victory over the Libyan government and “regime change” in favour of its preferred rebel elements.

Following a familiar pattern, warmongers in the government and media crafted a narrative tailored to Canada’s imperialist “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine, claiming, without basis, that without intervening on one side of the war, the Libyan population would be slaughtered en masse. This justification has even been called into question by the bourgeois media, including in the Boston Globe, which ran an article in mid-April stating that the war, like Iraq in 2003, was entered into based on false pretences.

Electoral Circus Shoves Bombing Campaign to the Background

The convergence of the 2011 federal elections and Libyan war exposed the total agreement of the four major political parties, the Conservatives, NDP, Liberals, and Bloc, in favour of Canadian imperialism and military aggression.

Even during the supposed left-leaning NDP’s election campaign, publicly questioning the massive bombing campaign or even civilian deaths caused by NATO was out of the question. At one election debate for the Ottawa-Centre riding, NDP MP and Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar stated in response to questioning the war that it was “not moral,” but it “is Canadian foreign policy, and [the NDP] support that policy.”

All the bourgeois political parties have shown their willingness to accept any amount of barbarity, provided they can enjoy a piece of the parliamentary pie.

Not Protection, but Domination

With the war ongoing and Libya divided, the NATO imperialist bloc may be moving to a Balkans-style partition of the country if a quick military victory proves elusive. The rebel-controlled eastern part of the country is already operating as a parallel state, having quickly established a central bank in Benghazi, and is now trying to secure oil contracts with its imperialist backers.

Each side has mounted an international propaganda campaign, making accusations against the other. As always, the support of the imperial powers is conditional. In the case of Libya, support for the rebels and the rebel breakaway state will come at the cost of opening up the country’s markets and finance to the imperialists, returning preferential oil access to the NATO bloc, accepting the political hegemony of the U.S.A., and likely the imposition of foreign military bases.

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