Activists from the Revolutionary Communist Party in Montréal are about to launch a new initiative called the Revolutionary Workers Movement. The main objective of the Movement is to promote a real fighting plan in order to strengthen the workers struggle in the area.

Despite the fact the proletariat is numerous and strong, it remains largely dependent on the requirements of the capitalists. The crisis that the capitalist system has gone through in the recent years has accentuated the tendency to increase workers’ exploitation. Declining wages, increased workload, higher prices for basic goods and services: such is the burden we must assume to allow capitalists to restore their profits.

In spite of the divisions maintained by the system and the lack of resistance by the major trade unions, the anger is brewing among the working class. The Revolutionary Workers Movement aims to bring workers together, to spread new ideas for expanding class struggle and to develop a movement that will fight for overthrowing, from bottom to top, the current masters of the economy and politics: the bourgeoisie.

As a first step, the Movement is launching a “revolutionary investigation” among proletarian circles. A leaflet currently circulating explains what this process is: “It aims to give a voice to workers. We must share our experience; we must tell the truth about the exploitation we face and the situation we are living in here and elsewhere; we must show solidarity with each other; we must be active in the revolution, even if some of us are feeling isolated in their factories or workplaces. The Revolutionary Workers Movement wishes to spread the ideas of revolution and workers’ power in hundreds of factories and workplaces and to arouse proletarian revolutionary action.”

The Revolutionary Workers Movement will hold its first public meeting on Wednesday, May 25 at 7pm at 1710, rue Beaudry, in Montréal. To contact the Movement, call 514 409-2444 or write to: … (at)

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