On May 1 2011, as the working classes and peasants around the world marched and demanded the foundation of a new society based on egalitarian principles and peace; the old society, best represented by the American government that makes a profit through war and exploitation, used its latest military technology to kill Osama bin Laden.

We do not shed a tear for his death. The terror and violence he wrought on innocent victims on September 11 2001 cannot be excused. However, we refuse to join the nationalist chorus and overlook the terrorizing wars and devastating economic restructuring that western governments –as the hired muscle of the corporations– have imposed on all of the peoples of the world, including Native peoples.

We also refuse to condone the post-9/11 wars that the USA government, and its ally the Canadian government, have been conducting against the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan, and their active complicity in the terrorizing of people of Palestine, amongst countless others, under the guise of a “war on terror.”

We recognize that the terrorist activities of the American and Canadian governments were the breeding grounds for Osama bin Laden and his compatriots. Least we need be reminded, the Taliban was armed and trained by the American government and its allies when the enemy was the USSR. The Taliban continued to be in talks with the American government in the 1990s about the building of a natural gas pipeline. The relationship only soured when the U.S. government realized that the Taliban would not assist them in their plans to take control of the region’s oil.

People have a right to rebel and without a well-organized revolutionary communist alternative, they will turn to religious-political organizations like the Taliban and Al Qaeda to seek redress to their grievances against exploitation and invasion.

While millions of people around the world cannot eat three square meals a day, and do not have access to well-paying jobs and opportunities, the American government has wasted over $1 trillion, conducted two wars and killed millions of innocent people to find and kill one man.

If that’s not a sick joke, then what is it?

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