From the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee-Toronto website:

On the afternoon of Saturday, September 19, 2015, a racist, xenophobic group by the name of PEGIDA Canada attempted to hold an anti-Muslim, anti-refugee rally at Queen’s Park. PEGIDA is a fascist group that originated in Germany, their name stands for Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West). Their main political activity is organizing demonstrations in the imperialist centres to advance anti-Islam, white supremacist and xenophobic politics, hiding behind the liberal language of “anti-misogyny,” “anti-violence,” and “anti-hate.”

But anti-racist and anti-fascist organizations and individuals have

Solidarity with the RSM comrades at Algonquin!

Fascists Attack the RSM, Fail Miserably

From the Revolutionary Student Movement website:

Wednesday, September 23, 2015—A meeting of the Revolutionary Student Movement – Algonquin College was attacked by fascists. A group of neo-Nazis attempted to prevent the RSM’s first meeting of the 2015-2016 school year. Like cowards, they tore down a number of posters put up by the RSM before disrupting the meeting itself. The fascists then tried to enter the room where the meeting was happening. They were confronted by RSM organizers and were prevented from doing so. Shortly after, the fascists left and the RSM meeting continued.

It is now clear that there are


Website of the 2015 Boycott the Elections! campaign

A website dedicated to the 2015 Boycott the Elections! campaign is now online. With material in both English and French languages, the website presents articles and other documents related to the campaign and dealing with issues at stake like those of people’s democracy and struggle for equality and liberation. Material to reproduce and circulate is also available (see the “Media” section). Supported by the PCR-RCP, the website is warmly open to all organizations, networks, collectives and individuals who want to take part in the boycott campaign. All of them are invited to post their reports and other contributions, and especially


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The next issue of the Red Flag magazine, which will mainly cover the federal election boycott campaign, will be available in a few days. It will be available in Montréal at the Maison Norman Bethune and in all bookstores that circulate the PCR-RCP publications.

You can order copies for circulation in your area by calling the Maison Norman Bethune (514 563-1487) or e-mailing the editors. The number of copies requested will be shipped as soon as the magazine will be hot off the press!

A Call from the Revolutionary Communist Party

Boycott the Capitalist Election! Fight for People’s Power!

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With an early declaration of an election campaign by the Harper government, we find ourselves at the beginning of a 78-day campaign period in the lead-up to the October 19 federal election. In fact, before it was even officially called, the parties vying to administer the capitalist state had already been campaigning for several weeks. Their hope may be that, with such a long campaign, they will convince us that this election is a “special moment in Canadian democracy.” For most of us, though, it’s a waste of time!

One after the other, the competing parties


The PCR-RCP Will Campaign for Boycott

In a totally cynical manner, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced this morning the official opening of the circus that will unfold across the country up to October 19, the date set for holding the federal election. The gangters in power in Ottawa will once again try to convince us that by filing a paper in the ballot box, we will “decide” the future of Canada. They hope this will give an appearance of legitimacy to a fundamentally illegitimate system—a system and a state they manage for the only benefit of the wealthy few. Rather than construct illusory strategies to revamp

Sunday, July 26
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A Call from the Proletarian-Revolutionary Action-Committee Ottawa.

In Northern Kurdistan, 30 of our comrades—socialists, communists, anarchists and Kurdish freedom fighters—fell in an Islamic State bombing. These militants coming from various organizations involved in revolutionary struggle in Turkey were meeting in the city of Suruç to plan the reconstruction of Kobanê, where Kurdish resistance won an important battle for a free and socialist Rojava. The bombing was committed with the complicity of the Turkish state, which has been providing support to the Islamic state in order to crush the Kurdish people’s liberation struggle

October 31-November 1, Ottawa!

Fifth Congress of the Revolutionary Student Movement

Update!!! The RSM Coordinating Committee has made the decision to postpone the upcoming Congress to the weekend of October 31-November 1. This will give everyone–the Coordinating Committee, the sections, groups outside of the RSM, etc.–more time to prepare in order to ensure that the Congress is a success. See you in October!

The Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) is pleased to announce that we will be holding our Fifth Pan-Canadian Congress in Ottawa on October 31-November 1! The RSM is the Canada-wide organization of revolutionary and anti-capitalist youth and students. We first came together as a collection of small groups from

The first issue of the new Red Flag will be available on June 25th. It will be available in Montréal at the Maison Norman Bethune and in all bookstores that circulate the PCR-RCP publications! It contains articles on Canada’s economy on the eve of the federal election, Toronto’s Panam Games, the 25th anniversary of the Mohawk uprising in Kanehsatake, the Maoist approach on mass line and a dossier on North Korea—among others.

You can order copies for circulation in your area by calling the Maison Norman Bethune (514 563-1487) or e-mailing the editors.



The editorial staff of the PCR-RCP website has retracted a section from its description of May Day in Toronto. This section characterized the March as being disorganized during its period at Nathan Philips Square and blamed the organizers of the march for this. Neither criticism is shared by local PCR-RCP militants. Even if it were, this update would not have been the appropriate place to voice such a criticism. We regret any ill feeling among organizers of the May Day march which this may have caused, as this was not our intention.

Letting this error go into publication here was