This May Day in Sudbury, join us for a march, rally, and other festivities to demonstrate the power of the working class and renew our commitment to fighting for a new world, free of capitalist domination and all oppression!

WHEN: Sunday, May 1, 7pm
WHERE: Gather in parking lot of Food Basics, 400 Notre Dame Ave (look for the red flags)

All days of the year, workers everywhere rebel in a million small, usually isolated ways against unbearable conditions. But on May 1st, the International Day of the Working Class, we strive to unite our common struggles against the imperialist

Canadian Revolutionary Conference to be held in Halifax

The East is RED!

The Revolutionary Communist Party presents

Canadian Revolutionary Conference ☭
– Halifax –
May 21-23, 2016

The East Is RED!

Join us for a weekend of political discussions, sharing of perspectives, with the goal of uniting revolutionaries from coast-to-coast!

For more information, or to attend, email:

WHEN: Wednesday, April 6, 6-8pm
WHERE: 84 Station Cafe, 84 Elgin St, downtown Sudbury

Calling all workers young and old, proletarian students, artists and activists!

Join the Sudbury May Day Committee, a democratic coalition of progressive and revolutionary groups uniting for an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, combative and festive International Workers’ Day on May 1st.

Attend the launch meeting on April 6 to get involved with planning political and cultural events and actions, to celebrate the history and neccessity of class struggle against capitalist domination, and the fight for total liberation from all oppression and exploitation!

If you represent a group that


“This Aint Your Grandpa’s Communism!”

What is revolutionary communism?
What is it accomplishing around the world today?
What can communism do for me?
How can I get involved?
Join us for a short presentation and discussion!

–Facebook event.

Wednesday, March 16 at 7pm
Queen Street Commons Café
43 Queen St. S., Kitchener

Organized by the Revolutionary Communist Party Organizing Committee – Kitchener-Waterloo.


A March and Demonstration for Abortion Access in Charlottetown, PEI

To voice the mass disapproval of PEI’s lack of abortion services, and to challenge the reluctance of PEI’s patriarchal politicians on the issue of abortion access, we will be marching from the Liberal Party headquarters on Kent Street to the Gentleman’s Club on the corner of King and Great George. This Gentleman’s Club is a symbol of the patriarchal capitalist values of PEI’s political “leaders”, and is also the place in which the real political decisions are made, away from the influence of both official policies and the masses.

Keeping in-step with the “militant Anne” street art campaign started by


Revolutionary Struggles in Turkey and Kurdistan

The escalating tensions in Turkey between the government and progressive movements have made it into one of the hotspots of revolutionary struggle in the world. But while progressive organizations and civilian populations alike face intensified and cruel repression, especially in Kurdistan, information and in-depth analysis about the situation in Turkey has been hard to come by. The Turkish state is a key ally of Canada and NATO, and as such faces little scrutiny for its actions. Come learn more about the past and present of revolutionary movements in Turkey and Kurdistan!

Refreshments will be served.

Where: 601 Cumberland St, uOttawa


The People’s Dinner: Anti-Capitalist Community Meal

WHEN: Thursday, Dec 17, 5:30-8pm
WHERE: Meeting Room 1 (downstairs), MacKenzie Public Library, 74 MacKenzie St., Sudbury

RSM-Sudbury and RCP(OC)-Sudbury are teaming up with other members of the community to put on an end-of-the-year social event with an anti-capitalist theme. We’re hosting a free community meal and it is open to everyone!

Capitalism is a system where decisions are made based on what makes the most money, and not what best meets the majority of people’s needs. The result is that the real material needs of the people are ignored and unmet. Even in Canada, capitalism

On Sunday, December 13, 2015 the militant, zionist Jewish Defense League (JDL) will be hosting author and anti-Muslim activist Robert Spencer at the Toronto Zionist Centre (788 Marlee Avenue). The event is billed as “Chanukah with David Spencer: The Threat of the Syrian ‘Refugees’ Trojan Horse” with an event poster which promotes a spurious link between Syrian refugees fleeing imperialist violence in their homelands, the fascist Islamic State in Syria (ISIS), and the recent violence in Paris, France.

Spencer is the director of (funded by the David Horowitz Freedom Center) as well as the co-founder of various organizations American

This past Saturday night Masjid Al-Salaam (the sole Mosque in Peterborough and religious and cultural home to the Kawartha Muslim Religious Association) was the location of an arson attack. The community reached out in efforts to raise funds to fix the Mosque. However recent actions have shown that Racists, Fascists and Islamophobes are undeterred. In light of the continued reactionary behavior on the part of white supremacist scum, the Revolutionary Student Movement-Peterborough and the Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing Committee)-Peterborough call on all anti-racists and anti-fascists to join us on the streets and show a united front in solidarity with all

Here is the schedule of the various events that are planned for the National Day of Action called by the PCR-RCP at the eve of the federal election. As the bourgeois parties will desperately try to convince the most to take part in their circus, we will instead affirm our commitment—which is totally different from an election promise!—for the next four years: waging class struggle against the capitalists and their state!

– The Political Information Bureau

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Boycott the 2015 Federal Election Rally
Gathering at