Elections Boycott Public Forum and Free Dinner

Sunday, October 18th at 6pm
Overbrook Community Center
33 Quill Street, Ottawa

Come speak about why you won’t be voting, or to learn why true change doesn’t happen in the ballot box!

Enjoy a supportive, friendly discussion about active elections boycotting and people’s power.

Free, hot dinner will be served at the event.

Don’t get caught up in the lies this election season, and don’t waste your time trying to effect change at the ballot box. Let’s work towards making real change together, not just trying to pick the best of the worst every four years.

The event is organized

Sunday, October 18th @ 2pm
Sadlier House (Lecture Hall)
751 George St. N
Peterborough, ON

Come out to an interactive discussion about voting as a means of expression. Let’s talk and answer the questions:

  • Why do we vote?
  • What do we hope to achieve?

This event hosted by Revolutionary Student Movement-PTBO and Revolutionary Communist Party-PTBO (Organizing Committee) is part of a national day of action calling for a boycott of the 2015 Federal Election. However all are welcome to this disscussion.

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For more information:

*The workshop will be anti-oppressive and the lecture hall is accessible.*

For Toronto’s PRAC and RSM, the Boycott National Day of Action will take place at 2pm in Scarborough. We will meet for an info-picket at Scarborough Centre Station which will become a small march to Scarborough Civic Centre.

Sunday, October 18 at 2pm
King & James – Outside Jackson Square
Hamilton, ON

At the end of the longest—and probably most meaningless—election campaign in Canadian history, let’s make one thing clear: these election aren’t legitimate, and neither is the state that runs them!

Across the country, mobilizations for the Day of Action, called as part of the 2015 Election Boycott Campaign, will drive this message home on October 18th.

We know that, whether it’s an election year or not, we’ll be lied to by the politicians who serve the ruling class. We know that, no matter who we elect,

Saturday, September 12th at 2pm
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
252 Bloor Street West, Room 5280

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Join us on Saturday, September 12th as the Revolutionary Student Movement prepares to launch its boycott campaign against the Canadian federal election. This event functions primarily as an open forum for discussing the campaign, but will also serve to help organize the upcoming National Boycott Day of Action on Sunday, October 18th.

At this event, representatives from the RSM will be holding a presentation and answering questions from community members regarding the federal election, the principles behind an active

– An invitation from the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee – Ottawa.

Monday, September 7th at 7pm
Moon Dog Pub & Grill
238 Laurier Ave. East, Ottawa

–> Facebook event.

As we enter into the second week of the 2015 federal elections, we can see now more than ever that real political change for the oppressed and exploited does not come from the capitalist state. This is why we aim to organize an active boycott; while the working class and oppressed peoples commonly see that elections accomplish nothing for them and individually boycott the elections, we want to gather and mobilize


Build the Revolution!

Join the newly-formed Revolutionary Communist Party Organizing Committee – Hamilton for a talk about the class struggle in Canada, the work of revolutionary communists across the country, and the Maoist perspective on making revolution a reality!

Comrades from the RCP(OC) will present on these topics and an open discussion will follow on the prospects for building the revolutionary movement in Hamilton.

Take the first step in the long road to revolution an join the fight!

Saturday, August 22 @ 4:30pm
Meeting at Augusta’s Winking Judge – upstairs

We are proud to present the first issue of the new Red Flag magazine, the first result of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada’s [PCR-RCP] efforts to reinitiate its propaganda work that, for the past several years, relied on old documents, online essays/interventions, and the Partisan newspaper. The Red Flag is intended to be a medium in which party members, supporters, mass-members, sympathizers, and fellow travellers will have their work printed and disseminated as a small part of developing a broad cultural counter-hegemony in which we, and other parallel movements, can operate.

Join the Toronto friends and supporters of the

Friday, June 5
at 6:00pm
Poacher’s Arms
171 Queens Ave.

The Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing Committee) will be hosting it’s first meeting in London, Ontario. The meeting will be focusing on “What is Canada?”. We will also discuss the level of racist conservatism in London and the further actions that will be taken against such culture in order to emancipate the working class in London. The meeting will take place at The Poachers Arms underground pub starting at 6:00pm – 8:00pm on Friday June the 5th 2015. We hope to see you there!

– An Initiative by the RCP(OC).

This May 14 join us in counter-protesting the National March for Life in Ottawa! They claim to march “for life” while actually marching for a misogynist, transmisogynist, and cissexist revoking of bodily autonomy through opposing abortion. These reactionary people, through the Catholic school boards, are allowed free-reign to indoctrinate students with misogynist, transmisogynist, and cissexist ideology.


Minto Park (Elgin St and Gilmour St)
Rally at 12:30pm
Counter March starts at 1:30pm
Ends at Dundonald Park (Somerset St W and Lyon St)