Modi Go Back!

Event organized by the International Campaign Against the War on the People of India (ICAWPI) Toronto. The PCR-RCP Information Bureau urges progressive and anti-imperialist people and organizations to join and condemn Modi’s visit and its accomplice from the Canadian state.

Narendra Modi has been on a world tour promoting India as a paradise for global capitalism; with free trade agreements, nuclear deals, and auctioning-off of the country’s land, minerals, and cheap labour. Called “the next Ronald Reagan for the world” by U.S. Republicans, he will be visiting Canada from April 14th to 16th with stops in Ottawa, Toronto and

Montréal | Saturday March 28 | 3:30pm

Solidarity! Against Islamophobia

Islamophobia is not imaginary. It is waged in the media, and a veritable witch hunt is underway against the Muslim community.

On social networks and public forums, we hear countless accusations, racist shortcuts (veil / Muslim = terrorist), and incitements to hatred. A judge even refused to hear the case of a woman because she was wearing a veil.

In this fertile ground for Islamophobic and racist ideas, a small group in Québec decided to take up the banner of PEGIDA, borrowed from a right-wing organization in Europe. PEGIDA sows fear of “the other,” intolerance and lies, claiming that Europe

Various actions will happen in at least 15 cities and 7 provinces this coming Tuesday, March 24, following the call made a few weeks ago by the Revolutionary Student Movement (MER-RSM). The #redspring2015 Day of Action will take place at the same time that thousands of Québec students are entering in a massive struggle against the austerity measures imposed by the bourgeois state. It is also part of a growing movement in the other provinces that aims to radically change the current student movement to ensure that students from proletarian background will lead it.

Right now, actions are already planned

When: Wed. March 4, 2015 – 5-6 pm
Where: Mexican Consulate, Montréal, 2055 Rue Peel, Suite 1000

You are invited to participate in a picket line Wednesday, March 4, 5-6 PM, to protest the forced disappearance and brutal assassination of Mexican activist, Gustavo Alejandro Saldado Delgado. It will be held in front of the Mexican Consulate in Montreal, 2055 Rue Peel, Suite 1000.

Gustavo was active in the struggle to demand justice for the 43 student teachers from Ayotzinapa, and was in the front lines of the struggle to defend the rights and welfare of the indigenous people and workers

Wednesday, February 4 at 8pm
Moon Dog Pub & Grill
238 Laurier Ave. East

Celebrate the birthday of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Canada’s rapidly expanding Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party! Come to show your support, to find out what we’re all about, or just to party down-everyone is welcome. Trust the party to know how to party!

Derek Atkinson and Jeremy Owen will be livening up the night with a mix of their talented original music and all our old favourites. We’ll be raffling off great prizes including copies of The Communist Necessity by J. Moufawad-Paul, author of popular blog M-L-M Mayhem.

Montreal’s Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC-Montréal) invites you to an afternoon of skill sharing on the theme of resistance to repression Sunday, November 30, 2014 from 12:30 to 17h on the 7th floor of the Henry F. Hall Building of Concordia University (1455 boul. De Maisonneuve West, Metro Guy-Concordia).

2014 was a year of persistence in the face of repression. The protest on March 15th was repressed in its early stages, and that of May 1st was violently attacked. In 2014, Montreal was rated the second city in the world in terms of the number of arrests on May 1st.

New ideas


India: Genocide, Fascism and Resistance

Monday, October 27th at 6pm
Overgrad Cafe – Ross Building South (Rm 167)
York University, Toronto

Come out for an open discussion on the situation in India, where for the past five years the government has been waging all-out war on its population; murdering, raping and detaining tens of thousands of activists, militants and civilians in an attempt to crush increasingly popular resistance movements. This brutal crackdown, named “Operation Greenhunt,” receives financial and military support from the U.S., Israel and increasingly Canada.

Presentations will focus on the intensification of this repression under the new Hindu-Fascist Modi government and on other

Presentation & Discussion:

Why We Need Proletarian Feminism!

Come join us in a presentation and discussion on “Why we need Proletarian Feminism!”

Saturday, October 25th at 4pm
St. Luke’s United Church
353 Sherbourne Street, Toronto

As part of the ongoing work of the Proletarian Feminist Front-Toronto, we are holding a discussion on what we mean by “proletarian feminism” and the urgency of developing a combative, revolutionary movement that simultaneously fights oppression against women and marginalized genders, while contributing to the growing revolutionary communist movement in Canada. We acknowledge that capitalism will allow for the advancement of women and marginalized genders by altering the normative nuclear family structure where

Saturday, November 8 at 2pm
Bloor/Gladstone Library
1101 Bloor St. West, Toronto

Capitalism is in Crisis. Governments around the world are ruthlessly imposing austerity measures on us, the everyday people. This is an attack on our already deteriorating quality of life, our incomes and our social security! Conditions of poverty are worsening for the everyday people, while those in government and the rich continue to enjoy their increasing wealth. Oppressed people all over are coming together to defend themselves and to fight back against these attacks on their livelihood.

This state of affairs is undoubtedly connected to the workings of

WHEN: Every Monday at 6pm, starting on September 22, 2014

WHERE: Overgrad Cafe, Ross Building South @ York University

Join the Revolutionary Student Movement at York University for a weekly discussion group where we talk about the struggles of proletarian students in Canada, class struggle, imperialism, settler colonialism and the need to organize youth and students towards the revolution!

For the first session, we will be reading out-loud and discussing the “What is Canada?” primer from the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada. The document can be found here:

But we’ll have copies for everyone during the discussion group.