Weekly Discussion Group at the University of Toronto!

Join the members of the Revolutionary Student Movement at the University of Toronto for a weekly communist discussion group!

WHEN: Every Wednesday, starting September 24, 2014

WHERE: Robarts Library, Study Room 1

This is a call to all comrades in the Montréal’s greater area!

A first meeting is called for Saturday, September 20th, 1:30 PM, at the Maison Norman Bethune, 1918 Frontenac St. (Frontenac metro station).

All new folks are welcomed, don’t be shy to join the team! You can contact us directly for any questions.

Proposed agenda:

1. Presentation of the MER-RSM; principles and experiences
2. Proposal for the establishment of an Organizing Committee of the MER-RSM Montreal; perspectives and national presence
3. Presentation and current situation
4. Calendar
5. Contacts and next meetings

Sunday, July 13 at 1:30pm
Commercial-Broadway Station

As people around the world are gearing up their excitement for the World Cup Final on Sunday, Brazilians—known usually to be the most excited of all about soccer—are not so cheery this time, as their country has been devastated by corruption, egregious government spending, forced evictions, and brutal crackdowns on those who dare to protest. As Brazilians have taken it to the streets, with slogans like “World Cup for whom?”, “Fifa go home”, and “Na Copa vai ter luta”, we must stand in solidarity with them and take it to the streets

Sunday, July 6
from 10am to 2pm
at Kent Park (corner Kent & Côte-des-Neiges),

Hot dogs, refreshments and face painting for the kids!

Come chat with us!


Solidarity Against Precarity! Smash the Glass Cage of Insecurity!

– A call from the March 8 Committee of Women of Diverse Origins.

This March 8, 2014 we declare our solidarity with the poorest and most vulnerable among us, and take to the streets to denounce the PRECARITY and insecurity imposed on us by a system based on economic, social and political inequalities. We reject the diversionary tactics of the government preying on fears around cultural identity, and focus instead on the conditions we face as the vast majority. Together we will smash this glass cage of capitalism and patriarchy!

The majority of women find themselves at the bottom of


Launch & Discussion around the Manifesto for a Proletarian Feminist Movement

Early December in Montréal, women activists coming from Québec and Ontario organized the first conference for the creation of a proletarian feminist movement in Canada. On this occasion, they adopted a manifesto. This manifesto is a rallying call to engage proletarian women in the political struggle against the capitalist system as well as to create in every city across the country, proletarian feminist groups.


Proletarian Feminist Front Toronto invites you to their first external discussion on the Manifesto for a Proletarian Feminist Movement. The meeting will be hold on Saturday, February 15th at 4pm at the Center for


Workers United Against Racism!

With its “Charter of Values,” the Parti Québécois fuels the fear of immigration and promotes intolerance and discrimination, particularly against Muslim women. By doing so, it divides our class—that of the working people—and weakens our fight against capitalist exploitation.

Let’s organize against xenophobic nationalism!

Let’s build unity and solidarity among proletarians of all origins in the struggle for our emancipation!

Sunday, February 9, 2014 • 1:30pm
Centre Lajeunesse • 7378, rue Lajeunesse, Room 211
Metro Jean-Talon

An invitation from PCR-RCP activists from the Montréal area

On November 30 and December 1, Montréal’s Proletarian and Revolutionary Feminist Front will hold a conference in which women from across the country are invited to discuss and adopt a Manifesto for organizing women of all ages and from all backgrounds around a proletarian point of view. The Manifesto will include basic and urgent demands along with long-term perspectives for women’s liberation. In preparation for this meeting, there will be a
On Sunday, November 10 at 10am

At the Maison Norman Bethune (1918, rue Frontenac, Montréal)

For more details, contact

Saturday, November 23 at 1pm
2633, rue Ontario est, Montréal (metro Frontenac)

The Red Fists of the Workers are Rising!

The MRO (“Mouvement Révolutionnaire Ouvrier” or Revolutionary Workers Movement) brings together workers from different industries in the Greater Montréal area. It also includes retired workers, so-called “inactive” proletarians (unemployed) and youth doing vocational training who share the same objective of building a large organization that will fight against capitalism.

The MRO is not a trade union. It is not a political party. The MRO is a mass political organization whose purpose is to gather, as a powerful class organization, a