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With 35 people, the back room of Café Commune in Kreuzberg was filled up for our event about the Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) in Canada.

Following an introduction by Jugendwiderstand, which stressed that universities (especially in Germany) are a hotbed for agents of imperialism with only a minority of proletarian students who nevertheless should be considered, organised and mobilised within the class struggle by revolutionaries, the visiting former member of the Revolutionary Student Movement from Canada began his presentation.

He explained the character, position, methods of work, evolution and perspectives of the RSM, which has become

On the eve of the opening of the “World” Social Forum to be held from August 9 to 14 in Montréal, we invite you to read and share the articles published in this special issue from the Aspects of India’s Economy journal. They were published in September 2003, a few months before the holding of the 4th edition of the WSF that happened in Mumbai. They present a sharp critique of the limitations of the WSF and the impasse in which it was—and still is—located, for refusing to support a global, militant and consequent opposition to the world imperialist system.

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Document for the 4th Canadian Revolutionary Conference

The East Is Red – Organizing Perspectives for the Maritime Provinces

We, the Revolutionary Communist Party, are very excited to issue the call for the Fourth Canadian Revolutionary Conference. By holding this Conference in Halifax (following successful conferences in Montreal in 2006, Toronto in 2010, and Vancouver in 2014), we are beginning our plans to expand the presence of revolutionary communism in the Maritime provinces, as a means of gathering and building the forces necessary to end capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism. In turn, this document contains our perspectives on the current state of the class struggle in the Maritimes, both in terms of the general context of the class struggle as

The electoral circus exploded in full force on August 6, with the first televised leaders debate of the election hosted by Maclean’s and Rogers. While most of the bourgeois media and party hacks argue over who won the debate, the debate’s losers are clear: the working class and oppressed peoples of Canada.

Each of the four party leaders present committed to continuing a program of austerity for the workers of Canada. Harper committed to maintain a balanced budget in the face of another recession, an ironic promise given his record of running budget deficits. Trudeau and the Liberals, on the

This piece was written by a collective of writers who support the PCR-RCP Canada in response to a critique published by a supporter of the American Kasama Project organization, with the objective of clarifying the Party’s strategic line and deepening the discussion on what we think is the most important question the revolutionaries need to answer in the imperialist countries—that of the strategy we should uphold and apply for destroying the bourgeois state and establish workers’ power. Any comments could be sent to

* * *

First we should begin with some qualifications regarding our wariness in engaging with

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Iraq: A Tangled Web Of Conflicts

The Political Information Bureau congratulates the editors of the People’s March magazine for the re-launching of their publication as an on-line journal. The first edition of this new series (Vol. 13, No. 1, dated June 2014) can be downloaded here. For years, People’s March has been published in India as a revolutionary magazine. As explained in the editorial of the current issue:

“Under severe attack from the Indian state, including ban, arrest, and even murder of its editorial contributors, the People’s March was forced to suspend publication for the past few years. But the voice of revolution cannot, must not,

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Peru: Day of Heroism, June 19, 1986

To Give One’s Life for the Party and the Revolution

1987 statement from the Communist Party of Peru commemorating the massacre of 300 political prisoners on June 19, 1986:

The inexhaustible bosom of the people nourished them with frugal food and made them walk; class struggle shaped their minds; and the Party, as the primary and highest social form, raised their political conscience, arming it with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Guiding Thought, empowered their combativeness by organizing them in the People’s Guerrilla Army and, smelting them with the masses of the poor peasantry, steeled their bodies and souls in the inextinguishable forge of the People’s War. Having become prisoners of war, they never

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Maoist Manual for Serving the Struggle of the Masses

It is Right to Rebel!

– Translated from a paper issued in Summer 2003 by the then Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing Committees).

Everyday, proletarians commit acts of revolt against their exploitation. These acts of anger can take many forms, from smashing the windows of slumlords, cutting the network cable service during the strike against the Québec company Videotron, slinging mud, paint and projectiles at the police during protests, etc. Everyday, in Canada, spontaneous mass violence directed at capitalism takes place independently of communist activities.

Given the reality of spontaneous mass revolt, what must be the role of those who resolutely want to fight against capitalism,

This document is intended to facilitate the introduction of PCR-RCP sympathizers to revolutionary work and their integration into the Party structures. It does not replace the Party Constitution but should be considered as an appendix for clarifying how an individual or a small group on individuals could be involved as soon as possible in a political activity in connection with the PCR-RCP. In this paper, we will look at the setting up of an Organizing Committee of the Party and discuss the tasks and responsibilities of such structure. This document is particularly oriented towards comrades who may not have frequent

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A Call for Revolutionary Unity

Main Document for the 3rd Canadian Revolutionary Congress

Updated version of the document submitted by the Political Information Bureau on the occasion of the Third Canadian Revolutionary Congress:

The global context

Global capitalism has now entered a period of chronic instability, a long-term crisis. The devastating effects of this crisis are visible everywhere, and the old equilibriums on which capitalism previously rested are being eroded day by day. In this sense, the widespread instability seems to suggest that the wall of illusions surrounding the unlimited expansion of capitalism is breaking down, that this new situation makes it very unlikely that things will return to normal. In fact, though

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