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Comrades, do get it into your heads, this ‘lesser evil’ which
Year after year has been used to keep you completely out of the fight
Will very soon mean having to stomach the Nazis.
– Bertolt Brecht

Nine days after Donald Trump’s inauguration a Québec City mosque was assaulted by a violent white supremacist; numerous Muslims were shot in the back as they prayed. The attack happened in a context of multiple fascist excesses that spilled beyond the borders of the US while its new president gleefully signed orders that would ban Muslims from entering his

Communists have always been anti-fascists. Despite serious missteps, before the Second World War it was Communists who led anti-fascist efforts all over the world, and it was the Soviet Union that ultimately destroyed fascism in Europe. Canada was no exception: from the late 1920s onwards, Communists led anti-fascist mobilizations and organizations across the country. This article is a brief but critical outline of the Communist Party of Canada’s anti-fascist efforts before the Second World War, with an eye towards how we can learn from both the successes and mistakes of previous anti-fascist work.

Anti-Fascism During the Third Period (1928-1934)


Our epoch is confronted with a rapidly expanding scourge: Islamophobia. Today, it is the dominant form of racism in our society. Muslims are the most stigmatized, the most subjected to discrimination and aggression. As such, Islamophobia is detestable as are all forms of racism and xenophobia. But the scope of Islamophobia is further aggravated by the fact that it concentrates the most explosive contradictions of our time. In this, it does not merely isolate and overwhelm a racialized sector of the people; it is at the heart of the class struggle on a global scale. Islamophobia has direct implications for

The fascist right has been on the rise for years, crawling out of the sewer where it was hiding and festering. But only now that Donald Trump, the grossest symptom of this resurgence, has claimed the presidency is the mainstream willing to accept that fascism is a problem. Just a year ago this same mainstream was ignoring the “alt-right”, dismissing it as niche politics, refusing to see Men’s Rights Activism for what it was, and failing to take Islamophobia seriously. When the Parti Québécois proposed laws that targeted Muslims, when groups like PEGIDA held conferences, when the old Harper regime

“The proletariat must have a well organised apparatus of self-defence. Whenever Fascism uses violence, it must be met with proletarian violence.”
– Clara Zetkin

Since its original emergence in the early 1920s, fascism as an ideology and a movement has been met with fierce opposition. From the very beginning, communists (along with other leftists) have taken up the cause to not simply resist, but to actively oppose and crush fascism wherever it has cropped up. One such organization, the Roter Frontkämpferbund (“Red Front Fighters’ League”), was formed in 1924 by the German Communist Party as a paramilitary organization to carry

This article from the Montréal Revolutionary Workers’ Movement (MRO) was written a few days after the announcement of the decision of a well-known trade unionist from the construction sector, Bernard Gauthier (known as “Rambo” Gauthier), to run for the next provincial election. The article is an appropriate response to the lies of this impostor. A misogynist and a racist who assumes his positions, Gauthier has made himself known for his controversial defense of members of the FTQ-construction in the Côte-Nord region. People like him are using the genuine anti-system sentiments of the working masses to channel them into a dead

Having thrown itself headlong into the struggle to confront, expose, and disarm fascism and misogyny, the MER-RSM in Ottawa and their comrades were successful in shutting down the screening of the MRA funded The Red Pill at Mayfair Theater. The anti-Muslim demonstration (organized by the Soldiers of Odin, an organization with documented Neo-Nazi ties) on the 15th of October was also confronted by the MER-RSM of Montréal. An important and latent attempt by the fascists to gain inroads into organizing in Canada, however, is in the form of attacks on people’s self-identification of gender that is now taking place in

The rapid rise of Trump in the United States caught almost everyone—both on the left and among bourgeois political analysts—off guard. Trump entered the Republican leadership race as a relative outsider, widely considered to be a joke candidate. He won. Poll after poll showed that Trump would not win the election. He won. Trump’s cabinet appointments were expected by many to be a return to normalcy. Sure enough, within the first two weeks of his presidency, Trump has done more to advance fascism in the United States than nearly anyone expected. Time after time Trump has proven commentators wrong and

Author: Matthew N. Lyons, Its Going Down, K. Kersplebedeb, Bromma
Publisher: Kersplebedeb Publishing, 2017

Know thy enemy. For any prepared comrade, we understand that this maxim is a key element in planning political action. Ctrl-Alt-Delete: An Antifascist Report on the Alternative Right is a must read to arm ourselves in this growing political climate, where white supremacy is openly claiming legitimacy and the left is scrambling to fight against the rising tide of fascism. The book gives shape to the pool of people that flow from the internet to the White House: the Alternative Right, a movement loosely tethered together

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This year marks two anniversaries: the 150 year an-niversary of the founding of Canada and the 100 year anniversary of the October Revolution. Both are significant for the re-initiation of Arsenal––the theoretical journal of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada [PCR-RCP]––though for drastically different reasons.

The first anniversary, which the Canadian state will be