To all those who fight for communism…

The appearance of Arsenal No. 10 is a great step forward in the solidification of the revolutionary camp in Canada. This issue’s publishing by the Revolutionary Communist Party marks its entry into a new phase of its political struggle to rebuild the camp of revolution. It is more unified than ever and armed with unswerving enthusiasm that its activists have taken to the task.

The 10th issue of Arsenal is concentrated on the objective forms of revolutionary action, the notion of a complete communist party, and the continuity of the historical experience of

This criticism is part of the struggle we have been leading for many months to repair the political damage done to the revolution by the Canadian opportunists.

The Revolutionary Communist Party completely disavows the ninth issue of the Arsenal political journal, published when the Party was still riddled by the opportunists. From now on, our distribution of this issue ceases permanently. The publishing of this issue in early 2017 served counter-revolutionary objectives and was a considerable step back for the communist movement in Canada. Our readers and sympathizers were left asking whether our organization had abandoned the struggle for communism

The Arsenal journal is available through the Maison Norman Bethune bookstore. To order copies (single or bulk), write to or call 514 563-1487. Update (2017/02/12): You can also order it through Kersplebedeb—a publisher and distributor of radical books and pamphlets.

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This year marks two anniversaries: the 150 year an-niversary of the founding of Canada and the 100 year anniversary of the October Revolution. Both are significant for the re-initiation of Arsenal––the theoretical journal of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada [PCR-RCP]––though for drastically different reasons.

The first anniversary, which the Canadian state will be


In Defense of the Environment: What Is To Be Done

Capitalism has a long history of exploiting the natural environment in its ruthless pursuit of profit. Environmental “sacrificial zones” abound everywhere that natural resources have been available for the capitalist class to plunder, both here and abroad. And the Atlantic Provinces have not gotten off lightly, contrary to the rosy impression that our tourism industry likes to project.

Historically, we have witnessed the unchecked deforestation of public land in New Brunswick by private interests; the decimation of Newfoundland’s offshore cod stocks due to short-sighted greed and mismanagement; a mining industry which transformed Sydney, Cape Breton into a world-class environmental disaster

A series of government “blitz” investigations found that the vast majority of employers in Ontario are violating the Employment Standards Act. In 78% of the 304 workplaces investigated in January, workers were forced to work illegally long hours, were denied overtime and holiday pay, and went without vacations or “pay in lieu”. All of these represent exploitation of the workers – and an increase in profits for the owners – above and beyond what the state feebly lays out at the minimum acceptable conditions for employment.

An additional “blitz” was carried out to investigate temp agencies, who prey on the

On July 3, the annual Pride march in Toronto was the biggest yet. And there was something a bit different this year: Black Lives Matter injected politics in a real way to the march. While there are many who have tried to change in some ways the corporate and state influence over Pride, those who run it have tried to keep it a purely celebratory and de-politicized event. But Pride is Political. It was born out of struggle and must continue to push for social change.

This year, Black Lives Matter Toronto was the honorary guest of Pride, and they

The Revolutionary Workers’ Movement of Hamilton has launched a new initiative which aims to defend the direct, day-to-day interests of Hamilton’s workers. The Steel City Workers’ Defence Network will use solidarity and direct action to fight issues like wage-theft, unjust firings, sexual harassment, stealing tips, unpaid training, and others.

“The idea is this: there are far more of us workers than there are bosses. And so when we stand together, we have all the power,” said one of the organizers.

Revolutionary Workers’ Movement organizers will be putting up posters with details and contact information around Hamilton. They hope that disgruntled

‘Electoral Reform’ is the latest buzz word being thrown around by the media to distract the Canadian working class from the current recession and the uncertainty capitalism provides. Spearheaded by Liberal MP Maryam Monsef, this latest media campaign features headlines quoting Monsef describing the current first-past-the-post electoral system as being “antiquated” – in reality, what is antiquated is the entire economic system of capitalism and the current Canadian state which manages it.

Canada’s first-past-the-post electoral system is originally based on the system used by the United Kingdom and its former colonies. In this system, the candidate with the highest number


What Do We Celebrate on Canada Day?

As this edition of the Halifax Partisan goes to print, masses of people all over the city – as indeed all over the country – will be gathering to take part in Canada Day celebrations. There will be parades, outdoor concerts, and fireworks at night. Flags will be flying everywhere and popular feelings of nationalism will be running high. Thousands will stand together and sing the national anthem together on the slopes of Citadel Hill, in Parade Square, and at a dozen other rally points around HRM and beyond.

This is the day we collectively reaffirm our faith in the

On April 14th in Ottawa a call was put out by a local indigenous activist to have a march and to occupy the Indian Affairs and Northern Development Canada (INAC) offices lobby on 10 Wellington St., Gatineau, Québec. This occupation and march like the others that were planned in major cities in Canada like Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver was created to be in solidarity with Attawapiskat, an indigenous community in a state of crisis after 13 young people tried to kill themselves in one day, the root causes of this being the colonization of indigenous peoples, ongoing genocide by the