The New Democratic Party (NDP) promotes itself as the option for the left in Canada. But just like the Conservatives and Liberals, the NDP is steeped in imperialism, in which Canadian business and political elites exploit and impoverish already poor countries for the benefit of Canadian companies.

One of the most visible ways the NDP is pro-imperialist is its support for wars in the Middle East. Certainly no self-proclaimed leftwing parliamentary party is going to go so far as to advocate national wars, but the NDP goes to war none the less. When it does war —the NDP initially supported

May 1st, International Workers’ Day, commemorates the 1886 Haymarket Square massacre in Chicago, when police attacked the strikers who were fighting for the eight-hour day. Now, 125 years later, May 1st is a time for celebrating our victories and demonstrating our willingness to fight with our brothers and sisters around the world against a system that brings no more than misery, oppression and exploitation.

This year, May 1st will take place in a context where capitalism has gone through one of its worst crises, which has claimed thousands of victims in Canada and millions worldwide. The bourgeoisie and their politicians

Partisan №1

Introducing Partisan

This paper is published by the Revolutionary Communist Party Information Bureau. Those who already know The Red Flag/Le Drapeau Rouge newspaper will recognize the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist views of the RCP.

Like the former, Partisan is designed first and foremost for the workers and the broad masses. As its name suggests, it will take the side of the working class in all circumstances. Partisan will advocate socialism and communism and support all revolutionary struggles at home and abroad. It will tell the truth to the proletarians and oppressed people, not only about what’s wrong with capitalism, but most importantly, about the revolutionary

Partisan №1

Boycott the Elections!

We are already half way through the federal election campaign; and the least we can say is that this election isn’t raising much enthusiasm among the working people. In fact, there are fewer of us voting in every election, because we know very well that whatever the ruling party, the Canadian government will continue to run for the rich and powerful. The wealthy have been running this country since Canada was formed and this election won’t change that!

But there is something new in this election. Revolutionaries and anti-capitalist activists from different parts of the country are waging a new

The current capitalist crisis is not hurting people equally. Some—the capitalists—take profit of it, while others—we, the workers—are losing their jobs, houses and the little they have. Those who still fill their pockets—companies’ bosses, State rulers, big bankers and all those friends among the bourgeoisie—use every means they can to preserve their power and profits. Thanks to the governments, which use our own money through taxes, they received billions of dollars in subsidies and favorable loans.

This shows obviously how the capitalist State is totally devoted to those bourgeois, whether it be by diminishing their income taxes, facilitating tax evasion,

Red Flag Express №1

The Canadian imperialists are helping a puppet regime

On the occasion of the International Day of Action against the war of aggression on Iraq and Afghanistan, we have conducted this interview with Saydal, a member of the Afghan Anti-Imperialist Student Association in Canada.

Arsenal-EXPRESS: After five years of imperialist occupation, what is the current situation for the people of Afghanistan? Did their situation improved?

Saydal: Five years after the occupation not only the situation has not improved but it has worsened. For us in the progressive movement it was clear from the beginning that the imperialist occupation is not going to change people’s lives for the

People's War Digest №3
2006 Canadian Revolutionary Congress Document

The Canadian Proletariat and the World Situation: How We Intend to Fight

  1. The Initiative the Canadian Proletariat Needs!
  2. To See From Below or From Above?
  3. The Burning Fires
  4. The Necessity of Unifying a Revolutionary Movement
  5. The Struggle of the Proletariat in Canada
  6. Why Is It Right to Constitute the Revolutionary Communist Party Now
  7. What We Have… and What Do We Want!
  8. Notes

The Initiative the Canadian Proletariat Needs!

A period of crisis of an extraordinary scale is at hand. The first signs of crisis have been accumulating for years all across the globe and continue to appear month after month, day after day, without end.

This period of crisis will be the

First published in Arsenal magazine, No. 5, May 2005. Arsenal is the voice of the RCP(OC).

“Policy is the starting-point of all the practical actions of a revolutionary party and manifests itself in the process and the end-result of that party’s actions. A revolutionary party is carrying out a policy whenever it takes any action. If it is not carrying out a correct policy, it is carrying out a wrong policy; if it is not carrying out a given policy consciously, it is doing so blindly. What we call experience is the process and the end-result of carrying out a

People's War Digest №2

To boycott is to fight!

Translated from Le Drapeau Rouge No. 49, published before the 2004 federal elections.

On many walls and posts through proletarian neighbourhoods, we can read since a few days, handwritten or printed on modest posters, in the spirit of the activist tradition, three clear words, simple and obvious, precise and percussive like a shout: BOYCOTT THE ELECTIONS!

Not misleading words. Not confusing words. Not these usual hesitant words, weak and resigned, which form the same sentences-hollow or with double meanings-that had been pronounced for a century by hostile or manipulative mouths. No! Words that are unlike bourgeois discourse and don’t convey

People's War Digest №2

We must overthrow imperialist domination!

Translated from Arsenal magazine, No. 3, June 2004. Arsenal is the voice of the RCP(OC).

The Europeans arrive to seize the territory! To “liberate it” from the obstacles which resulted from its occupancy by the First Nations, and from the modes of existence (scale of production, social relationship and political powers) that they had established. On the basis of primitive accumulation (at the same time violent, and falsely legal e.g. the policy of treaties), the Europeans set up a nation – Canada – which would be synchronized perfectly with the development of capitalism, the constitution of a bourgeoisie, possibly rich,