Translated from the Summer 2001 edition of Socialisme Maintenant! magazine.

1. Street demos are under the control of reformists of all kinds for much too long. Under their leadership, demos have degenerated into useless activities in regard to class struggle. But unlike the most reactionary bourgeois politicians, these reformists (so-called “left-wing” politicians, trade-unionists, members of the NGOs, non-violent pacifists, etc.) do not wish to do away with demos, but to transform their very nature in order to use them as means to control or lead ideologically and politically in the class struggle.

2. Instead of calling upon the working class

Paper presented by the Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Forum, Nepal at the “International Communist Seminar” organized by the Workers Party of Belgium (WPB) on 2-4 May 2004 in Brussels. The Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Forum is a mass organization which supports the People’s War currently led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). (Slightly edited for publication.)

Dear comrades,

We would like to extend our heartfelt greetings on behalf of the revolutionary masses of Nepal while we are gathering here in a seminar on a very important, very timely and very burning issue of the present day.

The Nepalese revolutionary masses have been confronting

Twenty years ago, in March 1984, the formation of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) was announced to the world during a historic London press conference that boldly declared the formation of “an embryonic centre of the world’s Maoists” and the goal of forming a communist international of a new type. A short time later, on 1 May of the same year, the Declaration of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement was published and distributed in many languages. Although the world situation has undergone dramatic changes since then and RIM’s own understanding of its revolutionary ideology has advanced, especially with the adoption of