From the RCP Programme: For all those who really wish to put an end to exploitation and oppression and get rid of the Canadian bourgeoisie, our main task is to build the new Revolutionary Communist Party of the Canadian proletariat.

Since the old Communist Party has given way to revisionism and gave up the fight for socialism at the start of the 1940s, the Canadian proletariat constantly suffered from the absence of this indispensable instrument of struggle for its liberation. There have been some attempts to rebuild such a party, especially during the 1970s; at that time, some Marxist-Leninist

Does the current trade union movement can help the Canadian proletariat to resist the attacks from the bourgeoisie? Who pays for the crisis now? It’s true there are some capitalists who lost money since last year, but the majority of them succeeded to withdraw profits of the situation. But for the working class, it’s not the same thing. Governments are helping the rich. We just have to think about the financing of the automobile sector. But when the crisis will be considered ended by the bourgeois economists, who are going to pay for the deficit? It will certainly be the