Red Flag №1

Support Natives’ Right to Self-determination

On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus arrived to the American continent. Bourgeois historians conclude this was the demonstration of the circumference of the terrestrial globe and the discovery of a “new world.” But the truth is he was lost and a new era of massacres started. Natives of the West Coast estimate the killing of 250 millions Natives by the European settlers in North America. Other sources estimated the Native population in South America in 1492 about 50 millions: after 150 years of European colonization only 8 millions natives were still alive.

From North to South, Native poeple were killed

On November 12, more than 200,000 people took to the streets in Kathmandu, Nepal to demand—among other things—the re-establishment of civilian supremacy over the whole political process. This spectacular achievement came after a whole week of various actions including road and economic blockades, in which people took part in large numbers.

As usual, the bourgeois media from the West didn’t report about what happened in this South Asian country. The people’s struggle for national liberation and democracy in Nepal is led by a Maoist party, whose final objective is communism. This is certainly one of the reasons why the bourgeois