Red Flag Express №41

Let’s Sustain the People’s War in India

In India the people’s war is intensifying day by day. Led by Communist Party of India (Maoist) it involves and has the support of millions of poor farmers, women, masses of untouchables, and now controls about ten States of the Confederation of India.

That’s a people’s war against poverty, feudal capitalistic exploitation, in the regions where most acute are the contradictions produced by the turbulent development of plundering resources, caste oppression and exploitation, by the Indian capital linked to imperialism.

With the help and support of the imperialists and especially the American imperialists, the Indian reactionary ruling classes are trying

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Let’s Boycott the Elections!

Canadian federal elections will take place May 2. As soon as the announcement came, each of the four big parties – Conservatives, Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois – began their campaign to “seduce” all the voters. We are proposing a radically different “electoral” campaign: we call on all those left out of the parliamentary charade, whether they be exploited workers and students, single mothers, migrants or indigenous peoples across Canada, to participate to the 2011 Boycott Elections Campaign.

This national boycott campaign, which we aim to spread across the country, is first and foremost a definitive vote of “non-confidence”

No doubt must subsist: this March’s NATO military deployment in Libya, approved by the UN—in which Canada is involved—does not have any legitimacy based on humanitarian objectives. It does not aim to spare Libyan bloodshed, to protect the people from a mad tyrant’s vindication; it cannot contribute to the emancipation of the country’s oppressed masses. In the contrary, this operation is an imperialist aggression revealing the fact that imperialist powers, whom have for years held Arab countries as puppets, intend to maintain their position in the midst of recent and ongoing turmoil. This aggression must be denounced as such and

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Neo-Nazi demo shut down by anti-racist activists

Neo-Nazi demonstrations have over the past several years grown, particularly in Calgary, Alberta. In 2009, a group called “Blood & Honour” held a large white-pride rally there that attracted a startling number of skinheads and racists and sent small shockwaves throughout Calgary and the Prairies, their brazen vocal attitudes and hate-filled rhetoric startling a population that has convinced itself that the last vestiges of discrimination and racism were all but gone. And while it is true that from many perspectives Canada has managed to avoid the epidemic racial divides that plague our southern neighbour, it doesn’t mean that prejudice, often

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Boycott the Elections!

In politics, the language of the bourgeoisie is now an old language, petrified, that doesn’t have meaning anymore and that fewer and fewer workers listen to with respect and submission. The proletariat needs more than ever to speak and act by itself. Today, it is sickened to vote for the bourgeoisie’s “single party.”

Whether this “single party” has two or three heads, is composed of a large obese liberal-conservative body and two sides (a left side and a more or less visible or discrete right side according to the times and circumstances): that doesn’t matter very much in the final

In the September issue of the monthly L’Aut’Journal newspaper, a member of a group called Intellectuals for Sovereignty (“Intellectuels pour la souveraineté” or IPSO in French), André Binette, engaged in a dubious plea for a show of strength from the Québec government for it to assert its sovereignty over the Arctic territories north of the province.

Reacting to the recent maneuvers by the federal government that pursue the same goal, but across the country, the author protests that Canadian state is the only one to claim control of this protectorate inhabited by the Inuit people. According to him, the Québec

Since the month of December, from Tunisia to Egypt, from Morocco to Algeria, even in Jordan and as far as Yemen, the Arab regimes, artificially installed by “90 years of western intrusion,” are suddenly threatened with being thrown out. The dictator Ben Ali, after a 23-year reign marked by corruption and injustice, fled Tunisia in shame. In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, who has ruled as a dictator for 30 years and who appeared to be ready to pass the baton to his son, had to resign in front in face of pressure from the street.

The largely working class youth in

The Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP) gathered dedicated activists last December 11th, in Toronto, for the second Canadian Revolutionary Congress.

Supporters of the RCP invited the participants of this meeting to debate and establish some common revolutionary perspectives, for the purpose of unifying and mobilizing across the country in the coming year. This second congress took place in a comradely and enthusiastic atmosphere, gathering participants from Toronto and the GTA, from Ottawa, and from several regions of Quebec. Although concentrated in Ontario, it was nevertheless a significant breakthrough in organizing the revolutionary forces in Canada. In addition to unorganized individuals and

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Down with the Imperialist War!

According to a 2008 report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer, spending for the war in Afghanistan will reach the sum of $18.1 billion in 2011. This represents over $200 million per month, or $1,500 per household. Among all these expenses, the military component accounts for 71% to 77%.

According to Prime Minister Harper, “this mission is very difficult, but we are there for the right reasons.” With the death on December 18 of Cpl. Steve Martin, more than 154 Canadian soldiers have been killed since the mission began. Today, this war is taking place under the pretext of “humanitarian aid.”

In 2008, it was acknowledged that the world was in the midst of a global recession. The burden of this economic crisis fell heavily on the working class. Nowhere is this more evident than in Belleville, a small city located in Eastern Ontario.

With a population of 42,000, Belleville was the industrial hub of Eastern Ontario. People from all over the region worked in the city’s many factories. Nortel, Magna, Sears, Proctor & Gamble and several other companies employed around 14,000 laborers. Looking to attain prosperity for their families, workers became dependant on the industrial sector.

Following the acknowledgement of