On May 28th, thousands of people marched in Hamburg on the occasion of a meeting of European and Asian Foreign Ministers, in preparation for the G8 Summit.

The drumbeats for the next war in the Middle East are getting louder by the day! The US war machine is fueling up for a brutal attack against Iran. The US diplomatic corps is busy conducting secret negotiations with the regional reactionary regimes and even the Islamic fundamentalist reactionary forces to actively prepare the political ground for a new phase of war in the Middle East.

Taking the hideous anti-people September

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Resistance Criminalized By Bourgeois Law

A massive banner pinned to the side of a truck along Highway 401, which passes through Tyendinaga territory.

On March 22nd, members of the Mohawk Nation blocked access to a gravel quarry located in the Bay of Quinte region, in Tyendinaga territory just outside of Belleville in Southeast Ontario. At the heart of the dispute is a real estate development project on land that is the subject of negotiations between the local Band Council and the federal government.

The only problem is that even if the government recognizes the claims of the Mohawk Nation on this territory, the

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Soldiers, Stay at Valcartier!

Translated from Le Drapeau Rouge, No. 64, May 2007.

Next summer, a Canadian Forces contingent from Valcartier (outside of Québec City) numbering some 2,000 soldiers will depart for Afghanistan. These soldiers will replace the current Canadian forces based in and around the Kandahar region. With this contingent, Canada will be the most important component within the NATO imperialist occupation force in Afghanistan.

After more than five years of military occupation, the Afghani people are subjected to the daily horrors of the deteriorating situation in their country: in the North, warlords enjoy passive compliance with the occupation forces, enforcing their own

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A world without oppression–this is what we fight for!

More than 150 people responded to the call of the Revolutionary Communist Party and marched behind the banner “For Workers’ and Poor Peoples’ Struggle Against Capitalism!” at the May 1st demonstration in Montréal. Carrying colorful red flags and vigorously chanting various revolutionary and communist slogans, the participants to the anti-capitalist detachment emphasized the true nature of May 1st—the day of world-wide proletarian struggle. Other banners flew along with the RCP, such as SIKLAB (which defends the rights of Filipino working men and women), PINAY (a community organization for women of the Philippines, the Union of Iranian Socialists,

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Nepal: Revolution at a Turning Point

Abridged from an article published in Le Drapeau Rouge newspaper, No. 63, April 2007.

Developments over the last year in Nepal, after more than 10 years of armed struggle that shook the foundations of the old regime and won admiration from millions of exploited people and proletarians around the world, did not go without generating debates within the international communist movement—and within forces supporting revolution in that country. Many wonder about the decisions made by the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) (CPN[M)]) and the future of their revolution. Important Maoist parties like the Communist Party of India

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Let’s Unite and March for the Future!

On May 1st in Montreal, we will take to the streets as proletarians, workers, migrants and youth to celebrate the International Workers’ Day, joining hundreds of thousands of others around the world. We will walk behind the banner “May 1st: March for Workers’ and Poor Peoples’ Struggle Against Capitalism!”

The slogan of this internationalist demonstration clear­ly announces who we support and who we must unite against. On May 1st, our unity with the workers and the poor extends to those who live around the world, whether in Québec, or in Canada, or in every other country. And our fight

It is with seriousness and enthusiasm that the delegates from the RCP(OC)’s base committees, gathered for the organization’s second congress, have unanimously decided to declare officially the foundation of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) after more than six years of struggle for the party’s construction.

A few weeks after the holding of the Canadian Revolutionary Congress, which gathered about one hundred activists from many cities and provinces across the country who supported the party’s creation (see the special edition of the Red Flag newspaper, published in December, which presents a report of the event), the RCP(OC) members assessed that

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The Canadian imperialists are helping a puppet regime

On the occasion of the International Day of Action against the war of aggression on Iraq and Afghanistan, we have conducted this interview with Saydal, a member of the Afghan Anti-Imperialist Student Association in Canada.

Arsenal-EXPRESS: After five years of imperialist occupation, what is the current situation for the people of Afghanistan? Did their situation improved?

Saydal: Five years after the occupation not only the situation has not improved but it has worsened. For us in the progressive movement it was clear from the beginning that the imperialist occupation is not going to change people’s lives for the