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Let’s Unite and March for the Future!

On May 1st in Montreal, we will take to the streets as proletarians, workers, migrants and youth to celebrate the International Workers’ Day, joining hundreds of thousands of others around the world. We will walk behind the banner “May 1st: March for Workers’ and Poor Peoples’ Struggle Against Capitalism!”

The slogan of this internationalist demonstration clear­ly announces who we support and who we must unite against. On May 1st, our unity with the workers and the poor extends to those who live around the world, whether in Québec, or in Canada, or in every other country. And our fight

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Our Struggle Will End This Unjust System!

The federal election is finally over, and the Canadian bourgeoisie had the result they wanted: a majority government, which will help stabilize its power over the next four years. The collapse of the Liberal Party and the Bloc Québécois and the emergence of the New Democratic Party as the Official Opposition is a sign of both a realignment of power relations within the ruling class and of the fact that the parties traditionally used by the bourgeoisie to win the support of the masses no longer have enough political capacity.

For five weeks, the electoral circus was paraded throughout the

On May 1 2011, as the working classes and peasants around the world marched and demanded the foundation of a new society based on egalitarian principles and peace; the old society, best represented by the American government that makes a profit through war and exploitation, used its latest military technology to kill Osama bin Laden.

We do not shed a tear for his death. The terror and violence he wrought on innocent victims on September 11 2001 cannot be excused. However, we refuse to join the nationalist chorus and overlook the terrorizing wars and devastating economic restructuring that western governments

Activists from the Revolutionary Communist Party in Montréal are about to launch a new initiative called the Revolutionary Workers Movement. The main objective of the Movement is to promote a real fighting plan in order to strengthen the workers struggle in the area.

Despite the fact the proletariat is numerous and strong, it remains largely dependent on the requirements of the capitalists. The crisis that the capitalist system has gone through in the recent years has accentuated the tendency to increase workers’ exploitation. Declining wages, increased workload, higher prices for basic goods and services: such is the burden we

This year again, there were demonstrations and other kind of gatherings in different parts of the country to celebrate May Day, the International Workers Day. Here is a report we collected from our supporters:

In Toronto, the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee joined the revolutionary May Day March put on by the May 1st Movement (M1M) coalition. A group of about 300 marched through proletarian neighborhoods in Toronto. Some people came out of their houses to wave at the marchers and drum on their recycling bins in solidarity.

The M1M coalition protest met later in the day at a park

More than a month has passed since the beginning of NATO’s military offensive in Libya, “intervening” in what started as protests in several Libyan cities and quickly became a full-fledged and drawn-out civil war. The NATO bloc has stated repeatedly that it is unwilling to accept any outcome other than a complete military victory over the Libyan government and “regime change” in favour of its preferred rebel elements.

Following a familiar pattern, warmongers in the government and media crafted a narrative tailored to Canada’s imperialist “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine, claiming, without basis, that without intervening on one side of the

Over the past year, a strong opposition to the exploration and exploitation of shale gas has been mounted in Québec, particularly where the industry began its drilling activities. The gas industry acted as savagely as the requirements of capitalist development allowed them to do, ignoring the concerns of affected populations.

Aided by a practically non-existent legislative and regulatory framework, the industry embarked on a mad race to identify the most easily exploitable basements without bothering to obtain the consent of the communities; they even went so far as to begin drilling without notifying the neighbourhood in advance. There was no

2 May 2011. A World to Win News Service. An appeals court in the U.S. has reaffirmed its earlier ruling that the death sentence against Mumia Abu-Jamal is unconstitutional.

Mumia, a former Black Panther Party member, has been held in solitary confinement on death row for almost three decades since he was convicted of the 1981 killing of a policeman in the city of Philadelphia. The judge at that trial was overheard to say that he was going to help the police “fry the ni*ger.” Mumia appealed his conviction to the US Supreme Court, which refused to hear his case,

It is with seriousness and enthusiasm that the delegates from the RCP(OC)’s base committees, gathered for the organization’s second congress, have unanimously decided to declare officially the foundation of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) after more than six years of struggle for the party’s construction.

A few weeks after the holding of the Canadian Revolutionary Congress, which gathered about one hundred activists from many cities and provinces across the country who supported the party’s creation (see the special edition of the Red Flag newspaper, published in December, which presents a report of the event), the RCP(OC) members assessed that

On December 5th 2009 at the Café Nagua in Québec City, comrades from the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) held their third meeting on First Nations struggles. Fifty people or so coming from different walks of life and nationalities gathered to hear Michelle Bédard, a Huron-Wendat, member of the Canadian Métis Council

Mrs. Bédard surprised the organizers by taking control of the conference: “What is important is to unite, to talk together about our experiences; it is useless if I speak alone.” This was a way to break the conferences’ conventional “face to face” style and to form a circle, symbol