People's War Digest №2

To boycott is to fight!

Translated from Le Drapeau Rouge No. 49, published before the 2004 federal elections.

On many walls and posts through proletarian neighbourhoods, we can read since a few days, handwritten or printed on modest posters, in the spirit of the activist tradition, three clear words, simple and obvious, precise and percussive like a shout: BOYCOTT THE ELECTIONS!

Not misleading words. Not confusing words. Not these usual hesitant words, weak and resigned, which form the same sentences-hollow or with double meanings-that had been pronounced for a century by hostile or manipulative mouths. No! Words that are unlike bourgeois discourse and don’t convey

People's War Digest №2

We must overthrow imperialist domination!

Translated from Arsenal magazine, No. 3, June 2004. Arsenal is the voice of the RCP(OC).

The Europeans arrive to seize the territory! To “liberate it” from the obstacles which resulted from its occupancy by the First Nations, and from the modes of existence (scale of production, social relationship and political powers) that they had established. On the basis of primitive accumulation (at the same time violent, and falsely legal e.g. the policy of treaties), the Europeans set up a nation – Canada – which would be synchronized perfectly with the development of capitalism, the constitution of a bourgeoisie, possibly rich,

People's War Digest №2
Don Quijote Battles the Windmills

The myth of self-management

Translated from RCP(OC)’s Arsenal magazine, No. 2, March 2004.

The majority of men and women are forced to live under capitalism. Because of an unfavorable strength balance under capitalism, the proletariat is forced to consider its liberation only through its immediate living conditions. To say the least, the proletariat is the prisoner of a system which leaves it very few occasions of escaping.

Doing away with capitalism is the main task of the proletariat. But to eliminate a system so powerful that it will relentlessly defend itself and will not let the exploited organize, more than good intentions are needed:

This article was first published in the Revolutionary Worker (August 17, 1997), and has been written by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA as part of a series highlighting the basic differences between Maoism and anarchism. The whole series can be access on the Revolution Website ( under the Bob Avakian tab.

First of all, one important aspect of this question of MLM vs. anarchism is the point that Lenin made in his time about the growth of various trends similar to anarchism, various radical trends that are different from and in some important ways opposed to

People's War Digest №2

Maoism today

Translated from Le Drapeau Rouge No. 57, June-July 2005.

In 1984, while a group of communist organizations dared to recognize the loss of socialist China and decided to resist the treason and demoralization of the communist movement by creating the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement(RIM), capitalism was apparently triumphing. Its ideologists even proclaimed the “death of communism” and even the “end of history”, when the USSR and the Berlin Wall both collapsed. Twenty years later, imperialism is hopelessly trying – by the repressive and devastating force of its armies – to maintain an unjust world and the dictatorship of the rich causing

7 February 2005. A World to Win News Service. People were still arriving at around midday at the Youth Centre in Frankfurt on 15 January, some having travelled great distances from around Europe, to celebrate the 20thanniversary of the founding of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. There was expectation in the air as the crowd milling around the literature tables greeted each other and exchanged news of recent developments, while others browsed through books, magazines, audio and video cassettes, posters and other material put out by the various revolutionary organizations. While predominantly made up of revolutionary-minded people and political activists from

People's War Digest №2

Revolution, the only solution

It is the late spring of 2005. The established global capitalist powers are utilizing all of their energy to maintain the façade of control. However, in trouble spots such as Iraq, Palestine and Chechnya, civil war is waged in the open. Other countries are plagued with insurgency and wobble on the brink of war. Although these conflicts are presented under the banner of “the war on terror” and as religiously based, historically war, in its most basic form, is waged due to dissatisfaction with the inequitable division of wealth. The contemporary situation is worsened by environment conditions. What is abundantly

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People’s war today is the key strategic line on which a new generation of revolutionary organizations are now building their foundations. Through Marxism-Leninism-Maoism ideology, the strategy of people’s war is a political perspective that unifies the revolutionaries and puts the grounds for the next wave of revolutions and peoples’ victories.

People’s War Digest (PWD) -of which you hold the first issue- is a Canadian publication entirely dedicated to advocate and promote peoples’ war. This publication is for struggle and is truly internationalist. But at the same time, it is totally devoted to the Canadian working class, to its struggle for

People's War Digest №1

Building the Party, fighting bourgeois ideas, preparing for revolution !

Revolution ! The Only Solution ! Members, supporters and friends attending the First Congress of the Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing Committees) held in Montréal, Québec last summer (2003) ended their works with this unifying slogan, along with singing the revolutionary anthem The Internationale. The attendees carried the very first Programme of the RCP(OC) and a detailed implementation plan to develop the Party and the conditions for revolution in Canada. By doing so, they made that slogan more than a will. It became a precise goal, a unified commitment and a concrete action plan.

The carrying of that Programme was

Adopted by the First Congress of the RCP(OC), Summer 2003.

1. From the very beginning of the communist movement, Marx and Engels had clearly stated that the development of capitalism would lead the bourgeoisie to expand “over the entire surface of the globe“. Class struggle in any country is thereof closely linked to one another because of imperialism and the expansion of capitalism world wide. Whether there may be discrepancies between class struggle in one country or another depending on specific conditions, the struggle to overthrow the bourgeoisie and establish a new socialist order bears an international character.