Important new statement from the Mouvement Étudiant Révolutionnaire-Revolutionary Student Movement:

“In the first week of February 2016, notorious ‘neo-masculinist’ Roosh V’s proposed meetups for his ‘pick-up artist’ (PUA) followers across the world were crushed by the collective anger and power of the masses. Across Canada, the people mobilized protests and militant responses to what was correctly identified as the hate speech of the anti-feminist Roosh V and his misogynist followers. But the battle against the backwards ideas of reactionaries who seek to push back the gains of the feminist struggle over the last decades must not stop there. […] In

Fascism makes strange bedfellows. On Thursday, March 10th 2016, the fascist Jewish Defense League hosted Paul Weston of the white supremacist, anti-immigrant PEGIDA-UK and Islamophobic Danish hatemonger Lars Hedegaard at the Toronto Zionist Centre at 788 Marlee Avenue for a speaking event called “The Threat of Radical Islamic Immigration and the Erosion of our Freedoms”. As in Montréal the evening prior, a number of local anti-fascists, including members of the Revolutionary Communist Party Organizing Committee–Toronto and the Revolutionary Student Movement, gathered in order to shut down the event. While it is not entirely clear if the Toronto event was decisively


“This Aint Your Grandpa’s Communism!”

What is revolutionary communism?
What is it accomplishing around the world today?
What can communism do for me?
How can I get involved?
Join us for a short presentation and discussion!

–Facebook event.

Wednesday, March 16 at 7pm
Queen Street Commons Café
43 Queen St. S., Kitchener

Organized by the Revolutionary Communist Party Organizing Committee – Kitchener-Waterloo.


A March and Demonstration for Abortion Access in Charlottetown, PEI

To voice the mass disapproval of PEI’s lack of abortion services, and to challenge the reluctance of PEI’s patriarchal politicians on the issue of abortion access, we will be marching from the Liberal Party headquarters on Kent Street to the Gentleman’s Club on the corner of King and Great George. This Gentleman’s Club is a symbol of the patriarchal capitalist values of PEI’s political “leaders”, and is also the place in which the real political decisions are made, away from the influence of both official policies and the masses.

Keeping in-step with the “militant Anne” street art campaign started by

Statement on RSM-uO’s Protest of CAFE

Police Rush to Defend MRAs in Ottawa!

This is a statement from the Revolutionary Student Movement (MER-RSM):

Last night, February 10th, the RSM participated in protesting a meeting of misogynists under the guise of “men’s rights activism” on uOttawa campus. As a result, this event, which was organized, led and attended almost entirely by retired and tenured professors and other non-students, turned into a totally inappropriate, disgusting, and illegitimate show of repressive force against students.

First, campus security threatened student protesters with expulsion, a criminal record, unhireability, and homelessness. When these transparent attempts at intimidation were rightly ignored, they called the police, who had planned and prepared


Fascists, Out of Our Neighborhoods!

The small nucleus of fascists who hide themselves under the “PEGIDA Québec” Facebook page one more time showed their insignificance yesterday afternoon in Montréal as their racist and islamophobic “large gathering” ended by a resounding failure.

This was their third attempt to take the streets and again, they were routed by the popular anti-fascist and anti-racist mobilization. This time, the not more than half-dozen fascists were largely surpassed by the 200 or so counter-demonstrators, who were resolved to prevent them to spread their venom among the masses. It is only the protection they got from the SPVM (Montréal Police) that

Here is a communique from the Revolutionary Student Movement (MER-RSM) relayed in full solidarity by the PCR-RCP Canada:

The RSM Montreal was present at the “Fucking Big Night Demo” on December 18th. This anticapitalist demonstration was called by the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal Student Association for Free Tuition, a student group at Old Montreal Cégep, in a context of ruthless cuts to public services by our parliamentary bourgeoisie. The dogs of capital had also severly repressed two night demonstrations in the preceding weeks, sending one comrade demonstrator to the hospital by hitting her with their batons.

Pumped up, Montreal’s police was


A New Campaign is Launched Against the Occupation

A new initiative has recently been launched for forming a united front against the imperialist war in Afghanistan. As the fifteenth anniversary of the War on Terror nears, the organizers recall that the occupation of Afghanistan is still going on; they call for revitalizing the movement to oppose that war and reigniting the strength it possessed when Afghanistan was first invaded.

Other groups and individuals of the anti-capitalist left are invited to unite in a coalition to build an anti-imperialist protest movement around the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan, planning for a massive demonstration on the 15 year anniversary of its

Here is the statement announcing the launch of the Maoist Communist Party in France after a unification process that involved activists from various collectives and organizations. The PCR-RCP Canada congratulates these comrades for what is certainly an important development for the Maoist movement in that country. We especially underline the commitment of these comrades to defend, develop and moreover apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism for waging the revolutionary struggle.

-Website of the Maoist Communist Party.

-Facebook page.

* * *

The Unification Process

For several years already, Maoists are re-establishing their territory in France. This effort has taken a new turn


Revolutionary Struggles in Turkey and Kurdistan

The escalating tensions in Turkey between the government and progressive movements have made it into one of the hotspots of revolutionary struggle in the world. But while progressive organizations and civilian populations alike face intensified and cruel repression, especially in Kurdistan, information and in-depth analysis about the situation in Turkey has been hard to come by. The Turkish state is a key ally of Canada and NATO, and as such faces little scrutiny for its actions. Come learn more about the past and present of revolutionary movements in Turkey and Kurdistan!

Refreshments will be served.

Where: 601 Cumberland St, uOttawa