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Afghanistan: Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
Austria: Initiative RCP
Balkans: Conference of Communist and Worker's Parties of the Balkans
Belgium: Bloc marxiste-léniniste (Archives)
Belgium: Centre marxiste-léniniste-maoïste
Belgium: Classe contre classe
Belgium: Official site of the struggle of the Cellules Communistes Combattantes
Canada: Revolutionary Initiative
Canada: Social Revolution Party (Archives)
Chile: Union de Revolucionarios Comunistas (URC) Aricas Marxistas Leninistas Maoistas
Colombia: Grupo Comunista Revolucionario de Colombia
Colombia: Unión Obrera Comunista (mlm)
Ecuador: Comité de reconstruccion, Partido Comunista del Ecuador
France: OCML-Voie prolétarienne
France: Parti communiste maoïste de France
France: Servir le peuple
Greece: Communist Organization of Greece
India: Documents from the Communist Party of India (Maoist)
India: Documents from the Communist Party of India (M-L) Naxalbari
India: Maoist Communist Party, Manipur
India: People’s March magazine (Archives)
Iran: Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)
Iraq: Marxist-Leninist Revolutionaries (MLR) of Iraq
Italy: Comitato di Appogio alla Resistenza – per il Comunismo
Italy: Maoist Communist Party - Italy
Italy: (nuovo) Partito Comunista Italiano
Mexico: Movimiento Popular Revolucionario
Nepal: The Next Front (revolutionary website)
Nepal: In support of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist
Norway: Serve the People – Communist League of Norway
Peru: Red Sun Magazine
Philippines: Philippine Revolution Web Central
Philippines: National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Portugal: Pagina Vermelha
Spanish State: Comité de Loita Popular «Manolo Bello»
Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Maoists
UnitedKingdom: Democracy and Class Struggle
United States: Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
Uruguay: Partido Revolucionario Comunista del Uruguay

International Initiatives

Maoist Road (international MLM journal)
A World to Win Magazine (international MLM journal – archives)
A World to Win News Service (weekly news update – archives)

International Solidarity

International League of People's Struggle – Canada
International League of People's Struggle
International Red Aid
Red Aid (Belgium)
Anti-Imperialist Camp
Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos (Brazil)
World People’s Resistance Movement (Britain)
Brigadas Antiimperialistas (Colombie)


Marxists Internet Archive
Mao Zedong Internet Archive
From Marx to Mao
Encyclopedia of Marxism
Yahoo! Groups: Maoist Revolution
Leftist Parties of the World


A Nova Democracia (Brazil)
Northstar Compass (Canada)
China Study Group (United States)
La Cause du peuple (France)

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