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The Revolutionary Communist Party's programme has been adopted at the RCP(OC) congress in 2003, and has been updated following the first RCP congress in 2007.

In addition to the Web version below, the programme is also available as a brochure and a PDF file:

Table of contents

  1. Our plan of action to make revolution
  2. Our ideology is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
  3. Capitalism: a system of exploitation, misery and destruction
  4. The battle of two big adversaries
  5. The bourgeoisie, a powerful class to eliminate
  6. The exploited proletariat, spearhead of the socialist revolution
  7. Against national oppression! Against nationalism and chauvinism!
    Fight for absolute equality for all nations and languages!
  8. Women of the proletariat: left behind for a long time, now at the forefront!
  9. Our goal: Communism
  10. The path of revolution in Canada: Protracted People’s War
  11. Build the revolutionary communist party of the Canadian proletariat!
  12. A red army to confront and defeat the enemy
  13. Unleash the fury of the masses as a mighty force for the revolution
  14. Make a step towards proletarian revolution!
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